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Anabolic Steriods, Steriod, and Steriod Abuse

Ok people. Do you see the phrase, Anabolic Steriods? Do you see the word, Steriod? How about Steriod Abuse? You do? Great! Now, do you see what´s wrong with them? Here are the words again:

Anabolic Steriods and Steriod... Oh, and don´t forget Steriod Abuse!

Do you see the problem yet? I am guessing that most of you that are reading this can see that the word steriod is misspelled? Just for your information, we don´t really care if you spelled the phrase anabolic steriods incorrectly! Actually, we don´t care if you cant spell at all (as long as you can READ our site we are happy)!!! We created this section of our website so that if you did accidentally misspell the word steriods into a search engine, we would be able to bring you to our wonderful, fun, exciting, educating, intoxicating (well you get the point), website! If you must misspell the word steriods or use the incorrect spelling in the phrase anabolic steriods, please make sure you click on our link under the search results from your favorite search engine. We thank you for reading this far and hope you understand that this is one hell of a useless page that we hope paid off in getting you to see our anabolic steriods website. If you would like to learn more about the correct spelling of steriods, please feel free to browse the rest of and be sure to check out our message board where most of our 50,000+ members spell steriods, oops, I mean steroids wrong! Hahaha& thanks you for reading this useless page, friends.

On a serious note, If you need some help on steriods, have questions on using anabolic steriods, or have a problem with steriod abuse, please feel free to visit our message board. Our members are some of the most educated steriod users in the world and come from more than 100 countries. We appreciate you taking the time to stop by our site and hope that this page was helpful in getting you closer to your education goals when it comes to the topic of Anabolic Steriods. Please remember that Steriod abuse is not healthy, but using steriods with a doctor´s supervision can be very safe and effective with building muscle and helping with many other medical issues. We do not promote the use of steriods in sports, steriods in teens, or the use or abuse of steriods without a doctor´s supervision. Stay safe.

The Team

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