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November 27, 2006

Orlando Salido, disqualified for drug use after fighting Robert Guerrero, has tested negative in a follow-up test.

After the November 4 IBF title bout in Las Vegas against Guerrero, Salido tested positive for the substance nandrolone in his system.

Salido immediately had a follow up test at LabCorp, a nationally recognized blood lab, and the findings were negative of any steroids.

"I said I never took steroids or any performance enhancing drugs and the lab tests prove it," states Salido.

A doctor who wishes to be unnamed until formal proceedings begin, agreed with the star:

"It is commonly known that nandrolone is produced by the body, especially in periods when the body is placed in stressful activity like dehydration, diet and strenuous exercise.

"If Salido had taken steroids, his second test done only one day after NSAC findings would have shown it still in its system. Steroids don't go away overnight!"

Salido now wants his title back, and doesn't rule out a re-match with Guerrero.

"I won the title, I will keep the title and if Guerrero wants another beating he can call my manager," said Salido.

"For the sake of his health and safety, I highly discourage it. Please stay at home. It's must safer than in a ring with a real champion!"



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