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Jose Canseco - Why Everyone Should Use Steroids

Jose Canseco Explains why Everyone should use Steroids. The common belief is that anabolic steroids will kill you and should only be used in specific therapeutic settings as a last resort. However, those like Canseco truly believe the positive effects of anabolic steroids far outweigh any negative consequences. In fact, Jose goes on to say I see no negatives if you use them right. Jose also goes on to say that the government has no justifiable right in telling people they cannot use anabolic steroids. Its your body, let people do what they want to do to themselves. Canseco goes on to admit there's really no way to gauge how much steroids help an athlete and while they wont create an athlete or make you a superstar the sporting world would be a lot better off if they were openly allowed. The way he sees it is the fans deserve the best, sports is an entertainment for people who pay money to live lives vicariously through other people they should definitely allow steroids. Canseco continues to explain that the laws surrounding anabolic steroids are based on fear. He even goes on a bit of a tangent when stating that he believes were close to seeing true cloning and genetic engineering. Jose believes the use of hormones will play an integral role.

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