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Canseco discusses his experience with the congressional hearings

In this episode, Jose Canseco discusses his experience with the congressional hearings and his opinion on congress' actions in regards to anabolic steroids. 

"I think maybe they realized that steroids got so far out of hand and major league baseball was basically doing nothing about it, so I think congress wanted their 15 minutes of fame"

Jose Canseco firmly believes that his testimony added importance to the national discussion about anabolic steroids and brought the overuse of anabolic steroids in our national past time to light.

"Our past time, major league baseball was being consumed by steroids. It was being overwhelmed and something needed to be done... Major league baseball needed a wake up call"

In relation to the topic of congress' right to regulate the use of steroids in sports, Canseco believes they don't and really should spend their time and resources on other issues.

"I think they have no right whatsoever, I think they have so many other issues to take care of, I mean what are they doing?"

"I'm sure they had 10 million better things to do than what they were doing"


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