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Canseco discusses his every day life and gives his viewers a first-hand look at a former baseball all-star's day to day routine. (MORE)
In part 2, Canseco continues to shine a light on the media's stance on athletes and steroids. (MORE)
In Episode 21 The Media & Steroids, Canseco, true to form, bashes the media, claiming their desire for people to fail. (MORE)
Jose Canseco examines whether or not steroids are worth the risk for a pro contract. (MORE)
Jose discusses the truth and myths about the side effects of using anabolic steroids. (MORE)
Jose Canseco discusses his disbelief in Roid Rage (MORE)
Jose Canseco discusses his opinion on the future of steroids (MORE)
Jose Canseco discusses why he thinks everyone should use steroids and why they would benefit from them. (MORE)
Jose talks about going broke and dealing with the loss and his battles with the IRS. (MORE)
Jose Canseco discusses the difference between the opinions of steroid users and non-steroid users. (MORE)
What's a locker room like in a pro ball club? Canseco gives a behind the scenes look at what happens behind closed doors in the locker room. (MORE)
Canseco recalls his superstar sex life in this telling video. (MORE)
Jose Canseco talks about the hypocrisy and issues surrounding illegal steroids and prescribed drugs. (MORE)
Canseco's experience with the congressional hearings and the media circus it turned into. (MORE)
Bare-Chested Canseco Discusses What He Would Do Differently In His Career Jose Canseco candidly discusses what things he would do differently in his career and life. (MORE)
Jose Canseco gives an insider point of view of what its like to experience a public fall from grace. (MORE)
Canseco describes his rise to super stardom and how it impacted his ego. (MORE)
Canseco lays out his issues with pro baseball player Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod's denial of steroid use is also a complaint in Canseco's discussion of their relationship. (MORE)
A shirtless, unashamed Canseco praises anabolic steroids. Belittling hypocrites, Jose explains girls love steroids in their men and they love the long ball (MORE)
Jose Canseco proclaims that steroids were not the cause of death for late Taylor Hooton (MORE)
Canseco gives his opinion on whether steroids should be allowed in competitive sports and how it would benefit major league sports. (MORE)
Canseco expresses his views on the recent doping allegations against Lance Amrstrong and shares his distrust of politics and media. (MORE)
Jose Canseco introduces his new video blog for (MORE)
[Nov 19 2010]
Steroids in Sports
Injected Channel
[Nov 15 2010]
Chris Benoit
Injected Channel
[Nov 12 2010]
Roid Rage
Injected Channel
[Nov 10 2010]
Steroids and Teens
Injected Channel
[Nov 02 2010]
Profit Over People
Injected Channel
[Nov 01 2010]
Doctoring the Truth
Injected Channel
[Nov 30 -0001]
Albuterol Profile Video
Albuterol Profile Video
[Nov 30 -0001]
Androgel Video Profile - Androgel Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Arimidex Video Profile - Arimidex Video Profile - Clenbuterol Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Clomid Video Profile - Clomid Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Cytadren Video Profile - Cytadren Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Dinadrol Video Profile - Dinadrol Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
DNP Video Profile - DNP Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Durabolin Video Profile - Durabolin Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Dynabol Video Profile - Dynabol Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Ephedrine Video Profile - Ephedrine Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Equipoise Video Profile - Equipoise Video Profile - Halotestin Video Profile - Finasteride Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
HCG Video Profile - HCG Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
IGF 1 Video Profile - IGF 1 Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Masteron Video Profile - Masteron Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Nolvadex Video Profile - Nolvadex Video Profile - Primobolan Video Profile - Primobolan Depot Video Profile - Sustanon 250 Video Profile - Testosterone Suspension Video Profile - Testosterone Cypionate Video Profile - Trenbolone Acetate Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Winstrol Video Profile - Winstrol Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Androderm Video Profile - Androderm Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Cytomel Video Profile - Cytomel Video Profile
[Nov 30 -0001]
Aromasin Video Profile - Aromasin Video Profile

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