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Jose Canseco - Calls Out Alex Rodriguez and Challenges Him to a Fight!

“To me, A-Rod is the biggest [*%#$!]… [he] is an open challenge and I’ll beat [his] %$# in the ring if I ever
catch [him]!”

In his most controversial video blog yet, a provoked Canseco finally opens up about his personal
disputes with the current NY Yankee surrounding rumored suspicions from their past. Replying to fan
questions regarding his ill feelings towards Rodriguez, the tell-it-like-it-is Canseco explains that his beef
with the ball player stems from issues relating to his (Canseco’s) prior marriage.

“…I asked him [Rodriguez] face to face…have you ever [went] out with my ex-wife…he said ‘no Jose, I’m
a man’s man I would never do that’. But later on I found out from my ex-wife that they were [actually]
going out, that they were seeing each other.”

In an attempt to switch the focus away from his personal vendettas, Canseco goes on to convey
his continued lack of respect for Rodriguez. In response to another fan question as to why he addresses
Rodriguez as a “hater” in terms of his views on steroids, Canseco explains his impressions of the stance
that A-Rod, formerly known as “The Cooler”, initially took when challenged with rumors of steroid use:

“He tried to act like he never touched steroids…testified a million times…He’s the guy that spoke
out aggressively against guys that were using steroids.”

Canseco wraps up his sixth video blog on discussing subjects like political figures speaking
out against steroid users in sports, and ends with a promise to fans for even more “ranting and raving”
in the future.

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