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Jose Canseco discusses his disbelief in “Roid Rage”

Jose believes that Roid Rage does not actually exist in the way that society believes it does. Canseco
fields questions about whether or not anabolic steroids can make you “violent”.

“That’s one of the biggest myths around. People think that you inject steroids [and] all of a sudden you
become this demon, this, this animal or this beast”

“…Anabolic Steroids, in no way, shape, or form make you violent. That’s just the great myth."

Jose also expresses his belief that steroids do not “distort” a person’s view of reality.

“I know of many drugs, liquor, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, heroine, crack, can distort a lot of things
but…steroids don’t really work that way. They don’t inhibit the brain in any way shape or form,
especially in an instant like [the others] do."

Canseco goes on to discuss society’s views on steroids and the aggressive label they’ve been given.

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