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Bare-Chested Canseco Discusses What He Would Do Differently In His Career

Jose Canseco candidly discusses what things he would do differently in his career and life.

In the latest episode of his “Canseco on Steroids” video blog hosted on, a shirtless Jose Canseco has fun while answering what things he would change from his past if he had the opportunity to go back in time. Speaking about whether or not he would use steroids again, Canseco says:

 “I don’t think so…No. I would not have used steroids… People have to understand that the reason that I did use steroids was because I wanted to become the best player in the world… Back then steroids were not illegal in the game. We really didn’t know much about them. I just wanted any edge possible…”
Canseco offers his viewership total honesty and vulnerability as he discusses the fallout from his best-selling book, “Juiced.”  When asked why he wrote the book, Canseco firmly replies:

“It’s very simple why I wrote that book… From the very beginning, it was a little revenge. I wanted people to know that I was being blackballed from major league baseball. Everybody knew it…the players…the media…everybody knew it.”

Canseco concludes his blog answering fan questions ranging from dealing with post-cycle therapies, his best season in professional baseball sans steroids, and does he still watch the game today.  Tune in to “Canseco on Steroids” which offers fresh, new exhilarating episodes every Monday and Thursday, exclusively on

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