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Canseco discusses the difference of opinions from steroid users vs. non steroid users.

Jose expresses his belief in the irony that many people will use other forms of drugs like alcohol and tobacco, knowing
their full potential to be harmful, yet because they don’t know the “risks” associated with steroids, they
will not use them.

“… It’s weird because an individual who doesn’t understand steroids would rather not use steroids,
because they’re afraid of it. But if they understand what tobacco and liquor does to you, it will kill you,
then they’ll use it with a high maximum risk, but as long as they understand that it’s going to kill you,
then they’ll use it. That makes no sense what so ever.”

“To me our society is kind of f---ed up when it comes to that. “

Canseco express his belief that most people criticize steroid use because of a fear that stems from their
lack of knowledge.

“…most people fear steroids…most people fear what they don’t know."

Canseco goes on to debunk the common misconception that steroid users are “lazy” and that essentially
a “quick fix”.

“…[people] think you just inject yourself and the muscle grows. They think you inject yourself and
overnight you’re going to be healthy, your skin is going to be great…you can eat whatever you want and
it it’s [going ] to work. It doesn’t work that way. You have to put a lot of hard work behind it.”

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