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Jose Canseco Bares All While Praising Anabolic Steroids

A shirtless Canseco explains the best steroids for an athlete and a gym rat, and how steroids were viewed as necessary if you were going to be a team player.

Canseco explains the best steroids to use not only for a baseball player but also for the every day gym rat that's looking to add large amounts of mass to his frame. He goes on to state that those who didn't use steroids when he played ball were often frowned upon, that it was expected in order to help your team win. Canseco goes on to answer questions from the fans, raging from his own personal use, the role the coaches and trainers played, and his opinion on other players coming out and supporting his claims. He states it will be a cold day in hell before they ever do, but reinforces that they all new what was going on.

Canseco ends his blog by responding to a bit of hate mail, where he beats the fan into the ground calling him a hypocrite and claiming baseball has never been a pure sport, and that fans love what happened. Click to watch, its definitely a must see!

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