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Jose Canseco Proclaims Steroids Were Not the Cause of Death for Late Taylor Hooton

Jose Canseco offers his personal conviction of what actually lead to the tragic death of teen baseball player, Taylor Hooton.

Settling into his new role as the no holds barred editor for his controversial blog “Canseco on Steroids”, hosted by, former baseball All-Star Jose Canseco uses his fourth official video blog to talk about a “touchy”, yet highly industry-influenced topic; the death of teenage baseball player, Taylor Hooton.  

Son to, Don Hooton, founder of “The Taylor Hooton Foundation”, ( dedicated to educating parents and the public about the dangers and signs of steroids abuse), Taylor Hooton, was believed to have taken his own life as a result to the depression he felt after discontinuing the use of anabolic steroids.

While undoubtedly sympathetic to Hooton’s loss, Canseco angrily expresses his disagreement with the grieving father’s belief that steroids were the ultimate cause of the young boy’s death.

“…I feel real bad for Mr. Hooton because no father should bury [his] son or daughter or child, [but], the facts of the matter is, he has the wrong culprit…”

The self-proclaimed steroid expert offers his own theory that other factors, such as the drug, “Lexapro”, thought to have been used by the late Hooton, were the real determinant for the tragic suicide of the 17 year old boy. Canseco tempestuously urges the understandably outraged father to direct his energy and criticisms, not to professional athletes known for their use with the performance enhancing drugs, but to the makers of a pill that’s known potential side effect is listed as “…may increase the risk of suicide.”

“…I don’t think that Hooton mentions that…you know his son was using Lexapro…Lexapro is an antidepressant that comes with a black box warning ‘may increase the risk of suicide’… I’ve never heard of steroids increasing the risk of suicide…”

“…why does Hooton blame professional athletes and steroids…not one time has steroids ever been proven to kill you… it’s usually the [other] chemicals that actually kill you… he should be fighting Lexapro more than steroids…”


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