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Jose Canseco expresses his views on the Lance Armstrong doping allegations.

In his second Blog post with the industry popular,, former baseball all-star, Jose Canseco, candidly offers up his empathetic opinion on the potentially title stripping allegations against 7 time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong.

Seasoned with his own media scrutiny surrounding steroid use, Canseco admits that his cynicism stems from distrust for the level of influence that politics have on the elite cyclist’s current industry battle. The former Oakland A’s and Texas Rangers outfielder, and two-time best-selling author of his own tell-all book about steroids in sports, even questions the impact that those same influences have on any title holder accused of using a performance enhancing substance.

“…a lot of times there are opposing forces, the forces that, which are the truth, and the forces which are political forces.”

Admitting that actual proof of Armstrong’s steroid use has never, and most likely will never be confirmed, the veteran steroid user expresses his belief that Armstrong’s hard work and dedication is the true key to his success, and even offers his own sentiment:

“…it’s bull----...the hypocrisy in all sports, it’s just ridiculous…to me he’s the best cyclist in the world…for God’s sake he’s fought cancer and beat it…give the guy a break, he’s incredible…”

Canseco ends his second Blog with “Canseco on Steroids” as promised, answering fan questions ranging from the number of professional athletes who were never “caught” using steroids to his future plans with Reality TV.

The former ball player reminds fans to contact with their questions and signs off with a warning to them claiming to “Get Ready!”

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