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Canseco's thoughts on the future of steroids...

Jose Canseco discusses his opinion on the future of steroids and explains his theory that the government
wants to keep [us] from advancing in life with the use of anabolic steroids.

“…I think we’re all getting a hang of what’s going on, what the government really wants. They don’t
want us to become superman and live longer, and live better lives and look better, and ugh, do things a
lot smarter…”

Jose Canseco explains his belief that a professional sports organization would be better off in the future
if they could make their own rules about anabolic steroids in the future.

“Sports number one [is] an entertainment arena, I think the more entertaining you make it, and the
more you sell your franchise…if the players can do things out of the ordinary, they’re bigger, faster,
stronger, absolutely, it would be a big advantage. So I think they should make their own laws and rules
and regulations.”

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