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Jose Canseco releases first video blog on

News of Cansecos’ wild and uncut collaboration with the industry leading website on Aug. 13th has left fans and community members reeling with anticipation at what the baseball All-star and self-proclaimed “steroid expert” will confess. Canseco’s first exhibition with the blog, “Canseco on Steroids “, does anything but tiptoe lightly through the subject of steroid use. Instead, the quite candid testimonial delves into the nitty-gritty of his decades use with the banned substances and even the reasons why he and many other elite athletes began using the drugs in the first place. The baseball great ends his first all-telling blog with an eagerness for viewers to stay tuned and a promise that every blog forthcoming will offer the “raw and uncensored truth” and be nothing short of “incredibly interesting and incredibly truthful”.

Get ready fans, the revelations begin!

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