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Jose Canseco talks about the hypocrisy and issues surrounding illegal steroids and prescribed drugs.

Studies have been published and the media is determined to believe that steroids can kill you and are the causes of certain deaths, but Canseco is determined to speak out against the hypocrisy and false information regarding steroid related deaths.

"I know of no one that's ever died of the use of steroids. I know of no one who's had serious issues because of the use of it"

"Do you think steroids kill you or just make you tall, dark and handsome like me? No. Steroids do not kill you. Liquor kills you. Tobacco kills you. Certain other chemicals that are approved by our government kill you but steroids do not kill you."

Legal drugs like over the counter drugs causing the deaths of thousands every year is still a problem but the media chooses to focus on illegal drugs like steroids.

"How are those legal? Bottom line is, they make money for the government. What ever the government can tax and make money on and kill our society, which basically we're overpopulating by 5 to 8 percent every year, so the government has to find a way of killing people off. Steroids don't kill people. Steroids will actually make you live longer."

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