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The chatter, atmosphere, gossip and mood of a pro sports team's locker room is described in this video about locker room talk.

What's a locker room like in a pro ball club? Canseco gives a behind the scenes look at what happens behind closed doors in the locker room.

"The atmosphere changes from time to time. It can be anywhere from joyous. a lot of fun, a lot of happiness to... I remember one time Tony Larussa, we lost 4 or 5 games in a row and he grabbed our food and threw it all over the ground... It can be an up and down clubhouse scene."

Locker room talk, according to Canseco, was not limited to the weather or sports scores. The topic of steroids was at times present as well as injections.

"We would mention certain types of steroids and say 'your veins are popping out, your stamina is high' or 'boy you were quick, you were a bit twitchy"

"Yeah sure, I mean I injected a bunch of players,  I don't think it was openly where the media was, I mean we did it in the bathroom stalls"


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