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Canseco describes his rise to the major leagues and the impacts of fame on the ego.

In his latest, exciting video blog for, Jose Canseco discusses the insider view of
what it was like for him to become famous as a baseball superstar. Canseco discusses his surprised
emotional state of being called up to the majors from the AAA league.

“I was in shock. I was…a nineteen year old kid. I was extremely nervous…and basically in shock to be
called up to the actual major leagues. You play in the minor leagues but you really don’t think you have
the ability but when you are called up, it’s a very scary thing.”

Answering fan questions, Canseco also reveals what it was like to come into significant money
after growing up poor, dealing with national media exposure, the newfound affections of lovely women,
and invasions to his personal privacy. Canseco offers a cautionary tale to his viewers…

“If you’re famous, you lose your public life. Your privacy is completely and utterly gone. And then people
will use you as a target. The same people that put you on a pedestal…these are the same people that at
any point in time are looking to shoot you, knock you down and drag you through the mud as much as


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