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Testoviron is one of the oldest anabolic steroids to ever exist; in fact, in terms of a brand name it is the oldest of them all. Schering first released Testoviron in the mid-1930’s in the form of Testosterone Propionate. This would be the first commercially available testosterone product on the market. However, it wouldn’t be long before Schering would introduce two more testosterone products to the market both carrying the same Testoviron brand name. Testosterone Enanthate became and has remained the dominant form of Testoviron; in fact, it is the most popular and commonly sold brand of Testosterone Enanthate worldwide if not the most common brand of all testosterones. It is the Testosterone Enanthate version of Testoviron that is our focus here today.

Testoviron (Testosterone Enanthate) is almost identical to another popular testosterone compound in Depot Testosterone (Testosterone Cypionate). Both products are larger ester base testosterones with very little difference in half-life. In fact, on a milligram per milligram basis there really isn’t any difference. One will not provide differing results over the other and both carry the same positive traits as well as the same possible side effects. Once the ester is removed (Enanthate or Cypionate being the ester) you are left with the same identical testosterone hormone.

Important Note: The third form of Testoviron is a testosterone blend of Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Enanthate. There are four specific concentrations of this version available. However, the single ester Enanthate version is all most will find in the modern market.

Testoviron Functions & Traits

Testoviron is a large ester base testosterone compound. This is a pure synthetic form of the primary male hormone with a carboxylic acid ester attached in enanthoic acid (Enanthate). The ester is attached at the 17-beta hydroxyl group thereby allowing the release of the testosterone hormone to be controlled. Once administered the testosterone hormone does not become active until the ester is removed. The ester begins to detach itself from the hormone, and as it does testosterone is slowly released into the body. From the point in administration, depending on the individual’s metabolism of the hormone, levels will peak 36-48 hours after injection. Levels will then begin to fall and steady off by weeks end. Levels will continue to fall if another injection is not administered. On the basis of therapeutic injections, due to a half-life that’s 8 days, the individual could get by with one injection every two weeks before hitting full bottom. However, if levels are to be maintained at a stable and optimal level it will need to be administered weekly.

Testoviron carries an anabolic and androgenic rating of 100 in both categories as do all testosterone compounds. It is also the perfect remedy for treating a low testosterone condition, which isn’t surprising since it’s pure testosterone. For this reason, Testoviron is the most commonly prescribed medication for the purpose of low testosterone treatment in the world, except in the U.S. Testosterone Enanthate is used in the U.S. but Testosterone Cypionate has remained dominant in U.S. markets.

Millions of men suffer from low testosterone, and the condition can come with numerous symptoms that diminish the quality of life of the individual. Testoviron can see each and every symptom reversed if such symptoms are a result of a low level condition. And the symptoms themselves are no joking matter; the symptoms of low testosterone are not life threatening, but they can be highly problematic. The symptoms of low testosterone can also lead to far more serious health problems if ignored over time. The common symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • Decreased Libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Loss of Strength
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Loss of Mental Clarity and/or Focus
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of Energy
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Weakened Immune System

Important Note: Loss of muscle mass, strength and fat gain can occur with low testosterone despite proper diet and exercise and can often be difficult to impossible to correct with low levels.

It’s not hard to see how bothersome the above symptoms can be yet many men choose to ignore them or assume it’s just an unpleasant fact of age that can’t be fixed. What’s more bothersome is that Testoviron could have fixed each issue and more importantly provide a better state of long-term health. Long-term low testosterone has been linked to the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Anxiety
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Infertility
  • Polyuria

We’re then left with the performance enhancing athlete, and here will find the functions and traits to be tremendously beneficial. This is an anabolic steroid that can be used by most any athlete with a high level of success. This is one of the most if not the most versatile anabolic steroid, and it carries all the primary traits a steroid user would want. Equally important is that Testoviron is a high quality brand ensuring the user is getting the most out of his testosterone product. There are five primary traits of interest as it pertains to Testoviron:

  • Enhanced Protein Synthesis: This refers to the rate in which cells build proteins, the building blocks of muscle.
  • Enhanced Nitrogen Retention: This increases anabolic activity where less retention promotes a catabolic atmosphere. This is important because all lean tissue is comprised of 16% nitrogen.
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count: Red blood cells carry oxygen through the blood. Increased RBC count results in greater muscular endurance. This will also play a role in recovery.
  • Increased IGF-1: Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is a protein hormone that is highly anabolic and affects nearly all cells in the human body. It is also a hormone that is tied directly to another important hormone in Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
  • Reduction of Glucocorticoids: These are naturally yet essentially produced hormones in the human body. Known as stress hormones they can promote fat gain and muscle tissue loss. Testoviron will ensure they do not become dominant in the body.

As you can see Testoviron is a relatively simple product; there isn’t anything occurring through this hormone compound that’s strange or complicated. As with many things in life, sometimes the simplest things are the best things.

Effects of Testoviron

The effects of Testoviron are truly versatile in nature and will manifest in different ways depending on how the individual lives and trains. Testoviron can be used for any purpose of performance enhancement, cutting, bulking and everything in between. Your diet will determine the way you go. And of course the effects are perfect for the low testosterone patient. If you have low levels and use Testoviron you will no longer have low levels, but here we want to focus on the areas of performance.

For the off-season athlete, a bulking cycle, in order to grow we must consume more than we burn. This can result in excess fat gain, but a successful growth period will always minimize fat gain as much as possible. With the use of Testoviron the individual will be able to see far greater increases in mass and size than without so as long as adequate calories are provided. He should also be able to do so with less fat gain as the metabolism should be stronger with elevated levels of testosterone. This isn’t a license to eat like a pig, you can still gain fat, but your metabolism should be stronger.

Important Note: It’s often said in some circles (online) that Testoviron and other Testosterone Enanthate versions are better for off-season because they cause more water retention and other forms should be used during cutting due to less water retention. This claim holds no scientific basis of truth. All testosterone aromatizes at the same rate. If you are holding more water in the off-season or bulking phase it is not because of a testosterone product, but it’s due to how you’re eating and living overall.

Testoviron is also a great product for the cutting period. When we cut the goal is to lose body fat while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. In order to lose body fat we must burn more calories than we consume. This can put muscle mass at risk; in fact, when we diet some muscle tissue will be lost. The idea behind successful cutting is to minimize the lean tissue loss as much as possible. Elevated levels of testosterone through Testoviron use will provide the protective means needed. If you diet properly you’ll lose fat and protect your muscle. If you protect your muscle you’ll also lose fat at a more efficient rate as less muscle mass will result in a slower metabolism.

All those who use Testoviron, bulking or cutting and this is beneficial to athletes who may not be looking to cut or bulk, will find recovery and endurance greatly improved. Your muscles will not tire out as fast, and you’ll be able to get more work done. But it is the recovery factor that’s most important. It is during recovery that progress is made, not in the gym, and that’s a hard fact for many of us to accept. It is during recovery that what’s desired occurs within the body. In the gym we merely stimulate muscle tissue, but during recovery it is repaired, allowed to grow and become stronger. When it comes to any trait a steroid can improve this is by far number one.

Side Effects of Testoviron

There are several possible side effects of Testoviron, but they are highly dependent on genetics and most can be avoided. First and foremost we must remember this is testosterone; this is not some odd or strange hormone our body is unfamiliar with. And when we understand testosterone, what the possible side effects are and how to combat them we can avoid them. In order for you to avoid the side effects of Testoviron we’ve broken them down into their separate categories.

[1] Estrogenic:

The side effects of Testoviron include those of an estrogenic nature. The side effects of Testoviron can include gynecomastia, water retention and high blood pressure that occurs due to severe water retention. These effects occur due to testosterone aromatizing and converting to estrogen. Estrogen levels increase and can increase the probability of such negative side effects.

In order to combat the estrogenic side effects of Testoviron Aromatase Inhibitors (AI’s) can be used with Anastrozole (Arimidex) being the most common. AI’s inhibit the aromatase process and reduce serum estrogen levels in the body. Some men may find the use of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERM’s) like Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) to also be suitable options. However, SERM’s do not inhibit or lower estrogen levels, they only prevent the hormone from attaching to the mammary tissue. SERM’s are healthier in terms of cholesterol, but with responsible use AI’s are typically the best option.

[2] Androgenic:

There are several possible androgenic side effects of Testoviron and they are dependent on genetics. The androgenic side effects of Testoviron include hair loss, acne and body hair growth. Hair loss is not possible if you are not predisposed to male pattern baldness. If you are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness you may find Testoviron causes you to lose some of your hair sooner than you would have, but you were going to lose it at some point anyway. Acne is similar; if acne sensitive you may find issues on your back, shoulders or chest. Staying clean and dry is very important if you are sensitive.

Important Note: Low testosterone levels can also promote hair loss.

The androgenic side effects of Testoviron are due to the testosterone hormone reducing to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This occurs due to the hormone being metabolized by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. 5-alpha reductase inhibitors like Finasteride can be used to reduce the androgenicity of the testosterone hormone if needed. However, this can potentially cause hormone imbalances if not carefully used.

The androgenic side effects of Testoviron also include virilization in women. Women who use Testoviron are almost assured virilization symptoms, which may include a deepening of the vocal chords, body hair growth and clitoral enlargement. This isn’t a commonly recommended hormone for female use.

[3] Cardiovascular:

Testoviron can potentially cause cardiovascular issues, but are very easy to avoid. It’s also important to remember that low testosterone levels can also cause cardiovascular issues. Data has shown that testosterone use may lower HDL (good cholesterol) with the total reduction being highly affected by dose. It doesn’t appear to have a strong impact on LDL (bad cholesterol) in most cases. The rate of reduction in HDL can also be affected by the use of an AI – increased reduction with AI use. This makes a healthy cholesterol and cardiovascular friendly lifestyle highly important. Diets should be rich in omega fatty acids and low in simple sugars and saturated fats. Regular cardiovascular activity is also important.

Important Note: Blood may become thicker with Testoviron use. Red blood cell count, hematocrit and hemoglobin may increase too much. This is something you’ll need to keep an eye on as levels that are too high can lead to cardiovascular incidence. Some testosterone users will need to undergo a therapeutic phlebotomy a few times per year.

[4] Testosterone:

The use of Testoviron will suppress your natural testosterone production. For the low testosterone patient is of no concern as this individual cannot produce enough testosterone on his own to begin with. For the performance athlete that does not have a natural low level condition there are things you need to know. Anytime you suppress natural testosterone production through the use of any anabolic steroid, there is a chance you may not recovery your prior levels. During use your levels are suppressed, but the Testoviron is providing what your body needs. Once use discontinues and all anabolic steroids have cleared the body natural production will begin again. Post Cycle Therapy (CPT) is recommended in order to spur on this natural production and recovery. However, regardless of how well planned the PCT process is there is no guarantee, and this is something all steroid users must be willing to accept and understand before use.

Important Note: Natural recovery assumes there was no prior low testosterone condition and that severe damage was not done to the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis (HPTA).

[5] Hepatotoxicity:

Testoviron is not toxic to the liver.

Testoviron Administration

For the purpose of low testosterone treatment, Testoviron is best used on the basis of 100-200mg per week. This may be taken once per week or split into two smaller equal doses per week depending on patient need. Many physicians will prescribe 200-250mg every two weeks, which on paper works just fine, but this will result in a roller coaster of testosterone levels. You will also find some physicians that go as far as to prescribe 200-400mg every 3-4 weeks, and you’re encouraged to find another physician if this is the case. In any case, regardless of the dosing treatment is lifelong if you have low testosterone. Low testosterone cannot be cured, but it can be treated. If you discontinue treatment you will simply go back to having low testosterone.

For the performance athlete, doses will most commonly fall in the 400-500mg per week range with two injections per week. For example, dosing might be 250mg on Monday and 250mg on Thursday. There are steroid users that use less; there are steroid users that use therapeutic doses who do not want to use a lot of testosterone. In these cases the base of their cycle is built around other steroids, but a therapeutic dose of testosterone is used to combat the natural suppression caused by other steroid hormones. However, the 500mg per week range is most common with many steroid users going even higher. Doses that range 500-1000mg per week are not uncommon and may go even higher in hardcore circles. It’s important to remember that the more you use the greater risk of side effects.

Important Note: Testoviron stacks well with all anabolic steroids; however, there is no need or benefit to using it with another testosterone product.

Availability of Testoviron

Testoviron is widely available worldwide, with the exception being the U.S. You will not find a lot of Testoviron in the U.S. Numerous black market steroid dealers also carry it. It will not be one of the cheaper Testosterone Enanthate products, but it shouldn’t be too expensive either. Regardless, even if it cost a little more you will be hard pressed to find a better brand of testosterone. Counterfeits do exist making reviewing and knowing your supplier highly important.

Buy Testoviron Online – Warning

You can buy Testoviron online from numerous black market suppliers. However, if you’re in the U.S. you will be breaking the law. In the U.S. anabolic steroids like Testosterone Enanthate are classified as Schedule III controlled substances. You cannot purchase or posses an anabolic steroid without a prescription and no prescription will be given for performance purposes.

If you live outside the U.S. the laws can vary greatly from one country to the next. It is imperative that you know and understand the law as it pertains to where you live. It’s also important to know that most countries, even those with lenient laws will frown on online purchases.

Because the steroid laws can be so strict we highly encourage you to visit our site sponsors. Here you will find high quality anabolic alternatives that are legal and do not require a prescription.

Testoviron Reviews

When it comes to a testosterone product you will be hard pressed to find a better one than Testoviron; in fact, it may be the best testosterone product ever made. An anabolic steroid that has existed since anabolic steroids first came to the market, standing the test of time in a market that has seen so many changes should speak volumes for the product.

This is also a highly valuable product simply because of what it is, Testosterone Enanthate. This is one of the easiest steroids to use, and is perfect for beginners and even invaluable to long time steroid users. It truly is a versatile compound that can be used for all purposes and is worth every penny it may cost. We’re not saying it’s the only testosterone product worth using, far from it, but it’s impossible to go wrong with this choice.

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