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Jose Canseco Discusses Fall from Fame and Success


Jose Canseco gives an insider point of view of what it’s like to experience a public fall from grace.

In his latest, exciting video blog for, Jose Canseco candidly discusses the twisted spiral of what it was like to experience a much publicized fall from fame and success. Covering topics ranging from losing millions, no longer being in the game, and personal struggles, Canseco offers an insightful glimpse into the highs and lows of a professional sports career. Regarding becoming addicted to the success and fame, he says…

“You know I do think you get addicted to that lifestyle and I think you’re always trying to get back what you lost or trying to become better but you never get it back.”

Answering fan questions with thorough honesty and unvarnished candor, Canseco discloses that he misses the game today. When asked how much he still thinks of professional baseball, Canseco states…

“Yeah. I think if you have an addiction that long - playing major league baseball you constantly dream about it and I am dreaming about trying to get back to the game all the time and trying to play.”

Canseco also reveals the personal sacrifices that had to be made while fashioning his career. Specifically, he addresses his regrets of not getting more time to spend with family, especially his daughter…

“My relationship with my daughter…she’s gonna be sixteen now…I traveled so much...I didn’t get to see my daughter as much as possible…I’ve missed a lot of time with my daughter… I wonder if she knows who her father is. I wonder if she knows who daddy is…”

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