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Canseco talks about the advancements of everything in sports except for the athlete and why steroids aren't allowed.

With all of the advancements of the equipment in sports, why haven't steroids been allowed?

"Without steroids or not, players have access to workout facilities, better foods, nutrition, a lot better techniques, etc... Why aren't steroids being allowed?"

The hypocrisy of tobacco and alcohol being legal even though it's shown to cause damage to the body is another point brought to light. Even with the legal supplement industry, certain products are being removed and according to Canseco, we're not allowed to better ourselves.

"That's kind of a strange thing to tell society that you can not better yourself, you can't live long, you can't live better, you can't be a better stronger athlete because we are making these things illegal"

"As long as you have a prescription, you're ok. It's for legal reasons. If you use the same testosterone one time without a prescription, you're a steroid abuser. Not a user, an abuser."

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