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Testosterone therapy can come in many forms; as an injectable hormone, a tadroderm. For most individuals when they think of exogenous testosterone use they inevitably think of the performance enhancing world and athletes who have become somewhat infamous. However, it is important to understand, testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in our body and a much needed one for proper function and well-being. Although with the use of androderm we are receiving the same testosterone hormone an athlete would administer in order to enhance performance we are doing so at a much lower dose. Granted, when we receive the hormone testosterone by means of injectable administration we are receiving it in a much more efficient manner but for many men the simple application of testosterone through the transdermal patch androderm is all that is needed.

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Understanding Androderm:

Androderm is a topical testosterone solution that is administered by applying a patch directly to the skin. This is a welcomed form of application for many men due to the medication not being in injectable form as are many testosterone medications. Even though this form of application is not of the injectable nature, with the use of an adroderm patch we are receiving the same testosterone we would from its injectable counterparts such as Testosterone-Enanthate, Testosterone-Propionate or any of the other many forms. Beyond the application method there are not too many differences between androderm and traditional injectable testosterone; except one.

There is one difference between androderm and injectable testosterone that cannot be ignored and that is in absorption efficiency. Injectable testosterone will enter the blood stream at a much higher concentrated rate than any androderm patch; the rate of absorption between the two is night and day. We cannot expect to receive the same amount of usable testosterone as we would be able to obtain from injectable forms in comparison to an adroderm patch. 

Benefits of Androderm:

If you suffer from low-testosterone levels there are a host of benefits an androderm patch can provide you. That youthful vigor you once possessed can once again be obtained with the use of androderm and if you ask any man that is a more than welcomed attribute. One of the most common symptoms many men suffer from due to low-testosterone is the loss of libido; a problem no man wishes to have. Further, a decreased metabolism leading to higher levels of body-fat and loss of muscle tissue and energy can be effects brought on by low-testosterone or what has begun to be commonly referred to as Low-T. With the use of an adroderm patch we can see many of these unwanted problems remedied; positive results may include but are not limited to:
  • Improved Libido
  • Higher Levels of Energy
  • A Leaner Physique
  • Increases in Strength
  • Increases in Lean Muscle Tissue
  • A Higher Sense of Well-Being
All of these positive attributes can be obtained through Androderm use but there is an important factor at play regarding use and maintaining such improvements. If you suffer from low-testosterone and you receive an Androderm patch as a means to remedy this problem you will need to continue therapy indefinitely. There is no permanent cure for low-testosterone; once your testosterone levels become low they will naturally remain so. However, dont let this bother you too much, its a natural part of life and one that can be remedied with therapy but therapy must continue. If an Androderm patch is what is prescribed you for such therapy you and you discontinue use you can expect the benefits to subside in a matter of days; your testosterone levels will return to their natural low levels almost overnight.

Side-Effects of Androderm:

All hormones that belong to the anabolic steroid family and androderm is no exception carry with them the possibility of negative side-effects. If this bothers you it shouldnt; to begin, all medications carry with them possible side-effects, even the Aspirin in your medicine cabinet. Further, note these side-effects are possible, not guaranteed and in most cases not likely. Even so, possible side-effects do exist and the possible side-effects due to androderm use are the same as any testosterone medication and include:
  • Gynecomastia
  • High LDL Cholesterol
  • Low HDL Cholesterol
  • Water Retention
  • High Blood Pressure
While these are some of the most common negative side-effects to androderm use they are unlikely in most cases; however there is one side-effect that is far more prevalent in androdermusers and it is that of skin irritation in the form of rashes or burns. Some androderm users will fall prey to this nasty effect, some wont; in the end there is no means of prediction but if you fall prey simply discontinuing use will eliminate the problem. If you end up being one who suffers from these nasty skin conditions but still wish to remedy your low-testosterone talk to your doctor about possible injectable testosterone therapy in-which such a negative condition does not exist.

Androderm & the Athlete:

While androderm is a fantastic product for many men, for an athlete looking for performance enhancement it is a very poor choice. If an athlete desires increased testosterone levels there are many other more efficient avenues he may take. Most notably and most effectively that of injectable testosterone but even the transdermal cream known as adrogel will have a more positive effect on the athlete than an adroderm patch. Of all the testosterone medications available androderm, although effective ranks at the bottom in-terms of efficiency and potency and is best served in those who only desire a slight bump in therapy. 

Androderm Application:

Androderm strictly comes in a patch form that is applied to the skin; normally on the shoulders or upper arms and sometimes the stomach or back. If you use an androderm patch you will need to apply the patch and replace it with a new one every 24 hours; remember failure to continue therapy will result in lower testosterone levels.

The Bottom Line:

If you suffer from low-testosterone androderm may improve your quality of life. We say may due to the fact that this is a rather weak form of testosterone therapy and only trial and error will prove if it works for you. Talk with your doctor about adroderm to see if it fits your needs but in doing so make sure you discuss all possible options with your doctor. 
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