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Prohormones have been a hot topic of discussion and debate for many years and one of the few items in the realm of performance enhancing that is ever evolving. Since the mid-1990s the market of prohormones has seen many ups and downs as well as changes and roadblocks but inevitably where theres a will theres a way; at least for now. With Mark McGuires bottle of Andro (androstendione) in 1998 we can perhaps label this as the beginning of public perception regarding prohormones but understanding what these supplements are is still to this day lost on most.

The Steroid Control Act of 2004:

In 2004 the U.S. congress strengthened the already in-place Steroid Control Act of 1990 with the Enhanced version in 2004. With this bill new stiffer penalties were added to anabolic steroid users and distributors but the largest accomplishment of the bill revolved around prohormones. The ban was simple; ban the use and sale of prohormones but as with all bills supplemental intuition has often found a way around it. Congress placed in the list a host of ingredients that would effectively deem certain supplements illegal prohormones but as the years have gone by new ingredients have replaced the old. In many cases, as these new prohormones hit the shelf soon after they find their way into the banned list only to be replaced by a new form shortly after; the truth is simple, people want supplements that work and the demand is high thereby keeping the market alive.

What are Prohormones:

A common misconception and we will clear it up here; prohormones are not anabolic steroids. Granted, they are hormonal substances, derivatives or precursors if you will of anabolic steroids. In short, and this cannot be said of all but on the whole it is generally true; prohormones are hormones that when taken convert to produce an anabolic steroid like action. Most prohormones are designed to create an effect similar to testosterone or nandrolone and it is this effect many find disturbing in-terms of the law.

Do prohormones work? Absolutely but understand, there strength and efficiency is nowhere near true anabolic steroid use; not even close. However, when a prohormone hits the shelf, generally it does so legally thereby eliminating the legal risk associated with anabolic steroid use. As discussed, many prohormones find themselves banned after a short time but they are a most welcomed supplement by many during the time they are available.

The Market as of Today Real vs. Fake:

Unfortunately as you read this the market will change; because of the constant banning and reinvention of prohormones it is difficult to produce an apt sampling but rest assured, the market is going nowhere anytime soon. There are literally hundreds of various prohormones on the market and most are complete garbage; if not garbage theyre so extremely week a dosing of creatine could have given you the same result. However, there are still good prohormones on the market; strong powerful muscle building supplements that can provide you an added edge. Comparable to anabolic steroids; absolutely not but still better than anything else anabolic steroids aside and for this reason alone the market for demand remains high.

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