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clenbuterol,steroids,clen When choosing which steroids we will use we are often presented with a host of choices and while some are more popular than others perhaps none carries the fame of Stanozolol. It is an important note; fame is simply that, it does not mean it is the greatest steroid or the most powerful anabolic steroid; it simply means its the most famous. Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid known by many who do not take part in the performance enhancing world as many professional athletes and Olympic competitors have been caught using the steroid for years. Thanks to Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson Stanozolol first gained infamy in-regards to the masses but for the majority of the anabolic world it is a steroid that has been common place for half a century. Thanks to the 1988 Olympics and Ben Johnson, many credit this event as being the smoking gun that led to the U.S. Congress passing the original Steroid Control Act of 1990 but this would not be the final event where the steroid stood out. Many professional baseball players have been caught using this steroid; most notably Rafael Palmeiro and Roger Clemens; such talk has safely placed Stanozolol on the perceived favorite of athletes the world over.

Commonly known as Winstrol or Winny Stanozolol is a highly effective DHT based anabolic steroid first developed by Sterling-Winthrop Laboratories in the 1960s with low androgen qualities yet highly anabolic. A steroid well-suited for buildups in strength and athletic performance unlike many steroids, especially those with strong androgenic qualities such as testosterone, Stanazolol is not well-suited for large buildups in mass. More importantly, as this steroid comes in both oral and injectable forms, the injectable commonly known as Winstrol Depot the oral is only detectable for a short period of time. This simply means many athletes are able to supplement with the steroid even if tested and beat the test; you know a tested athlete such as a pro baseball player or Olympic competitor.

While baseball and track & field is where Stanozolol holds a lot of notoriety do not be too quick to make an inaccurate assumption; Stanozolol is highly used in most sports, from football to bodybuilding and is a long standing favorite of many gym rats. Many bodybuilders or those simply looking for a similar look love Stanozolol for its hardening effect as it will provide just that when body-fat levels are low enough. Further, it is a fantastic muscle preserving agent, allowing for the athlete to lose more body-fat while holding onto as much muscle mass as possible, as muscle tissue is easily lost in a caloric deficit.

Further, as most steroids are very damaging to females Stanozolol is one of the friendlier choices a female athlete can make due to its very low androgenic nature. However, virilization can still occur when doses are too high or duration is too long but most women who are looking for a strong anabolic punch will find this steroid to be well-tolerated when used responsibly and with caution. It is important to note, Stanozolol will be too strong for some women and Anavar will often be a better choice for those too sensitive to androgenic traits.

A powerful anabolic apt to improving strength, perfect for an athlete who needs to be stronger, faster and simply more athletic; couple this with it being harder to detect in a steroid test and its easy to see why it is so popular in most athletics. Then we add in the hardening effect, its ability to preserve muscle tissue when dieting and the sort of Beach Physique it can help one acquire; by these facts its easy to see why Stanozolol is and has remained so popular for so long.




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