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Anadrol Doses

AndroGel doses can carry variations, but of all anabolic steroids will rest in a more standard range than most other anabolic steroidal compounds. The only exception to this rule will be in performance enhancing circles; however, this compound is rarely used for that purpose. If it is used by performance athletes, we will find AndroGel doses will be necessarily high.

Standard TRT AndroGel Doses:

Standard male Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) AndroGel doses will normally fall in the 5-10g per day range with most men requiring 10g per day. Once a small amount of time has passed, approximately six weeks, levels will be checked again and the AndroGel doses adjusted to meet this end. This will normally determine the AndroGel doses for the following 6-12 months. Important note – many men will find their AndroGel doses must increase significantly after a short period of time has passed and must continually increase as more time passes. While this compound can work well, many men will find the absorption rate becomes weaker and weaker the longer the compound is used. Some will also find it’s so low from the start they receive a very insignificant bump in testosterone. In such cases, you will need to seek out alternatives, preferably injectable testosterone.

Performance AndroGel Doses:

For the performance enhancing athlete, for a true anabolic boost, AndroGel doses will need to be at minimum 20g per day and even that will be a low dose. Most AndroGel doses based on performance will need to be in the 30-40g per day range in order to truly receive any performance enhancing boost. This will make AndroGel an extremely inexpensive steroid for athletes and one that is generally not recommended. Expensive, inefficient and far better options are available.

Performance TRT AndroGel Doses:

Performance TRT AndroGel doses refers to the use of the compound in a performance cycle where testosterone is not used as a primary compound. The athlete may be using steroids to promote strength and performance but has no desire to use large amounts of test. This is very common for some athletes who compete in sports outside physique related. In such a plan, AndroGel doses of 10-20g per day will combat testosterone suppression, ensure you do not fall into a low level condition and support your overall goals. However, you must keep the absorption issues in mind and be willing to switch to injectable testosterone if needed.

Female AndroGel Doses:

There are no set female AndroGel doses for female use. Women can suffer from low testosterone, but this is not a compound that should be used by females. Women who suffer from low testosterone should seek out other options. For the female athlete, again there are no recommended AndroGel doses. Women who wish to supplement with anabolic steroids will find there are far more suitable options that carry a much less probability of virilization.

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