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Insulin is a hormone naturally produced by the body with powerful anabolic qualities. Due to its anabolic power many athletes buy Insulin for supplemental purposes, especially those involved in competitive bodybuilding or others who desire a massive gain in size. Belonging to the peptide class of hormones, by supplementing with the hormone we can force more glycogen into the muscles; understandably so, to reap this effect when we buy Insulin for exogenous use we must further ingest a greater number of carbohydrates than normal. While this creates a powerful anabolic effect there is a downside, as when insulin is present in the body it prevents stored body-fat from being used as fuel, making fat gain very easy with its use.

Buy Insulin & Grow:

The traits this peptide hormone possesses are the same regardless of where it comes from; naturally produced Insulin will provide the same effects as exogenous Insulin, however, when we buy Insulin we simply enhance the effects due to a larger amount now being present in the body. While use will increase the amount of glycogen we store in the muscle for energy the benefits go further beyond it, as its use will greatly enhance protein absorption. Further, when we buy Insulin for exogenous use we enhance our own natural IGF 1 production; IGF 1 is another very powerful peptide hormone on its own right with extreme anabolic properties.

Buy Insulin & Anabolic Steroids:

While we produce Insulin whether we use anabolic steroids or not, when we buy Insulin for exogenous use, in most cases when this is done for performance enhancing purposes we must necessarily supplement with anabolic steroids as well. Anabolic steroids possess traits that promote a lean physique while Insulin can promote fat gain. The use of Insulin without steroids will make fat gain an almost assured reality and therefore the two will necessarily go hand-in-hand. This is however very good news, because the synergetic effect of the two hormones is amazing; in-short, you enhance the anabolic properties of each when they are used together.

Types of Insulin:

There are several forms you will be able to find, some fast acting and some very slow; however, the faster acting are the only ones we recommend for performance purposes and will by-in-large be the only ones you can obtain legally without a prescription. When you buy Insulin you want one of two types, Humalog or Humulin-R but Humulin-R will normally be the only one youll be able to obtain legally for performance purposes. Even though there are many types the good news is when you buy Insulin the form in-which you can legally obtain is the only one youll really ever need, as it will provide every last anabolic attribute you are after.

Is Insulin for You?

When trying to decide whether or not you should buy Insulin if you come to the conclusion of yes you need to have a firm understanding of the hormone; more so than any other performance enhancing hormone on the market. Abuse of this powerful peptide can be very dangerous, as can even very low doses if you do not have a firm grasp on what youre doing. Once the hormone is injected, you will necessarily need to ingest a large amount of carbohydrates; failure to do so can lead you straight into a coma that is not only often irreversible but fatal as well. For example, a small dose of Insulin, 1-2iu will need to be accompanied by 150g of carbohydrates and around 40-50g of protein, as well as some EFAs. However, this amount is not set in stone; some will need more than 150g of carbohydrates. If you start to feel light headed and groggy you should immediately consume more carbohydrates. While your initial consumption will be a mixture of fast and slow acting carbs, if you start to feel your blood sugar dropping you will consume large quantities of fast acting carbs until it passes, such as candy and grape juice.

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