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Buy Letrozole

You can easily buy Letrozole from numerous outlets. In fact, if you can’t find this Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) you’re not looking very hard as the supply is high and the amount on the market is seemingly endless. As a bit of good news, the compound is rarely faked and almost always very affordable. However, before you buy Letrozole there is some valuable information you need to take ahold of.

Buy Letrozole Tablets

You can buy Letrozole tablets on both the pharmaceutical and black market. Most all anabolic steroid suppliers carry human grade Letrozole as well as numerous online suppliers outside of anabolic steroids. This is not a controlled substance in the U.S.; however, you will need a prescription in order to make a legal purchase. If you buy Letrozole online from one of the aforementioned suppliers, you will be violating U.S. law. Outside the U.S. the law can vary significantly and you can easily buy Letrozole over the counter directly from the pharmacy, and often without a prescription. Make sure you thoroughly understand the law of the country in question before you make a purchase.

Buy Letrozole Liquid

In recent years, those looking for AI’s will buy Letrozole from Research Chemical Labs (RCL’s). Those who buy Letrozole from an RCL will do so in an oral liquid form; it may cost a little more than tablet, but it also holds an advantage. RCL’s can legally produce and sell AI’s and related items so as long as they are sold and purchased for research purposes only. This is a loophole in the law many take advantage of, but it is a very gray area of the law. If an issues was to arise, it will be on you to prove the research claim if you make a purchase, and this can be extremely difficult to do. In recent years, some RCL’s have come under heavy scrutiny; the U.S. government, despite their research claim, has even shut some RCL’s down. Claiming research is not always enough and must be taken into consideration before you buy Letrozole.

If you buy Letrozole from an RCL, you also need to be aware of potential quality issues. Rarely are such compounds dangerous, but some are manufactured poorly. This can lead a compound to becoming weak and losing potency very fast. Some are also manufactured in highly concentrated manners, which can potentially make dosing extremely difficult. Before you buy Letrozole from any RCL, make sure you thoroughly research the lab in question. There are some fantastic RCL’s out there, but low grade ones also exist.

When to Buy Letrozole:

Primarily, in a medical setting this AI will be used to combat breast cancer. However, it is also used in some testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) plans and can be used for two specific reasons. Some physicians will use it for direct TRT as the AI can stimulate natural testosterone production. However, it’s rarely enough, largely inefficient and can come with a host of issues. However, if you buy Letrozole for your TRT needs in conjunction with actual testosterone therapy, this can be very useful in order to maintain estrogen control.

Then we have anabolic steroid users supplementing for the purpose of performance enhancement. When on cycle, this can be an excellent time to buy Letrozole as it will help control possible estrogenic side effects. AI’s like Letrozole are the perfect remedy for combating gynecomastia and excess water retention. For the anabolic steroid user, this is the only logical time to buy Letrozole. Some will attempt to use it for their Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) needs, but this is not advised. Although it will stimulate natural testosterone production, the severe estrogen suppression will not promote normalization, which is part of a well-planned PCT.

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