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Cheerleader on Steroids - February 22, 2008


I knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. Actually, I knew it was happening, but really I’m talking about it becoming a news story. It’s pretty simple math really.

Steroids make people gain muscle and lose fat. Everyone knew that high-school athletes and even boys just trying to look a little better for the beach (or umm….gym class, or the Prom, or whatever). And I knew that girls in high school want to look good for those things too. So I assumed that girls in high-school were using anabolic steroids.

Really, I didn’t assume – I knew it. I actually have spoken to girls when I was in college who had told me that they had first started using steroids in high-school. Usually they try diet pills, then maybe some clenbuterol and/or thyroid medication.

Brazillians are popular among high school girls. And no, I’m not talking about personal grooming here – I’m talking about a diet pill combination that’s popular in Brazil and has made its way over here to the USA. In New Jersey, where I lived, I was reasonably close Newark where there were a lot of Brazilian and Portuguese immigrants, so the pills (a 3 bottle combo) were pretty rampant.

But in other areas of the country, traditional diet pills, and yes, steroids, are far easier to get. For this girl, it was $250 and 48 hours that she spent getting anabolic steroids.
So this morning, a colleague of mine e-mailed me a television story about a girl here in Texas who did a 5 week cycle of Winstrol and gained about 8lbs of muscle.

For this girl, it was $250 and 48 hours that she spent getting anabolic steroids. As for availability, she was a cheerleader, and my inside sources tell me that occasionally cheerleaders hang out with football players, and that football players have occasionally been known to use steroids…

I don’t know her exact dosage (unfortunately) but it sounds like she was doing 50mgs every other day of the injectable version, based on what she said in the interview. I’m figuring 5 weeks, at a shot every other day, would require something in the price range she was paying (which is exorbitant, but for an end user buying very little, $15/amp of Winstrol is ballpark).

That’s a huge dose for a girl, especially one who is as small as she is. And naturally, she didn’t do much (if any) research on the stuff she was taking, and bought it from some guy who she also took instructions on how to use it from.

We ( clearly do not endorse the use of steroids in minors (ever), so this next statement is going to seem a bit odd, but here it is…

She should have done more research before using steroids.

I’m not saying she should have used anything at all, but at the very least, she needed to be educated about her decision. We can’t stop everyone in every high-school from doing things we don’t approve of, but she should have at least educated herself on what she was about to INJECT into her body, right?

We’ve long given up the idea that teenagers won’t have sex (I think we gave up on it about 2,008 years ago), and recently have instituted strong sex education curriculum in most high schools. We need a strong steroid education curriculum as well, not just a ridiculous chapter in a health book that kids get for one marking period.

I’ll phone some high-schools over the next few weeks and give you some insight as to how my idea was received…

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