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Faslodex is an estrogen receptor antagonist, which has no agonist effects at all. What Faslodex does is downregulates Estrogen Receptors (kinda like how Clen DownRegulates your beta you get decreased effects from the stuff). Basically, Faslodex binds to the Estrogen Receptor more strongly then Tamoxifen, but still has no estrogen agonist effects.

The resultant down regulation of your Estrogen Receptors from the use of Faslodex results in decreased expression of the Progesterone Receptor as well! Tamoxifen, as we all know, can increase the sides from progesteronic drugs because of an increase in progesterone receptor expression. You can take Faslodex as both an anti-estrogen and an anti-progestin. You do not need to buy Arimidex (or similar drugs), and Bromocriptine!

Faslodex is administered via an IM injection of 250mgs once per month! And at that dose, Faslodex has have most if not all of the same estrogen lowering effects of 1mg/day of Arim or 2.5mgs per day of Letrozole, but has the added benefits of lowering progesterone receptor expression.


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