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Methandriol is the brand name for the anabolic steroid methylandrostenediol. In this profile we will review the properties and usage of this drug for the athlete looking for an edge.

Methandriol (or MAD as I like to call it) seems to be one of the more rare and exotic anabolic steroids. It is actually 5-androstenediol (5AD) that has had its chemical structure modified by adding a methyl group so the compound can resist being broken-down by the liver when taken orally. This results in better utilization by the body and is called 17-alpha alkylation (17AA). The first aspect that will be addressed is the one that most interests bodybuilders, the muscle building potential of the drug. With an anabolic (muscle building) effect of 20-60 (compared testosterone which has an anabolic rating of 100), not much muscle gain can be expected from MAD use. It is also slightly androgenic, again when compared to testosterone which has an androgenic effect of 100 MAD only rates 30-60. Methandriol low androgenic properties may be a blessing and a curse, on one hand with its low androgenic effects the drug can be used without worries by prone individuals who suffer from prostate problems, hair loss and acne. It may also be used by female bodybuilders who wish to avoid the masculinizing side effects of androgens once they stick to a reasonable dosage and cycle duration.1 On the other hand the benefits of using an androgenic steroid are lost, there is a direct correlation between a drugs androgenic levels and strength gains, highly androgenic steroids also tend to aid in fat loss by binding strongly to the androgen receptor (A.R). So not much muscle or strength gain from this one. So what the hell is it good for? Glad you asked. Methandriol has been shown to have an affinity for glucocorticoid-binding sites(2) so this may result in an anti-catabolic (muscle destroying) effect by inhibiting the muscle wasting effects of glucocorticoid hormones(3) also the parent hormone of methandriol, 5-androstenediol (5AD) has been shown to promote favorable immune function(4). MAD is said to process a unique trait that no other steroid has, the ability to sensitize the androgen receptor (A.R) to other hormones or the ability to unblock the AR, I do not know how it started but this statement is untrue and very misleading, first the A.R does not get "clogged up", in fact all androgens increase the number of A.R in muscle tissue (5) so there is no need to use any specific steroid for this purpose. So far the report on methandriol does not look as good as other anabolic steroids, little muscle and strength gains, however it may boost immune function and activate other non-A.R dependant mechanisms of muscle growth. Adverse androgenic sides are also not a major concern.

Methandriols parent hormone 5AD has been shown to be a steroid with "potent estrogenic properties"(6), since methylation makes a hormone more bio-available and thus "stronger" I am lead to believe that methandriols estrogenic activity is even more potent than 5AD. This alone is bad news for any members interested in adding this drug to a cycle, excessive estrogenic activity can lead to breast tissue growth in men (gynecomastia), fat gain, water retention, loss of sex drive, and sluggish natural testosterone production. Worse still is that 5AD itself activates the estrogen receptor (E.R.)(6) This would make aromatize inhibitors like letrozole (femera) and anastrozole (arimidex) a bit less effective in combating MAD estrogenic sides because it does not have to be exposed to the aromatize enzyme to do any harm. More evidence that supports MAD has direct estrogenic properties is its use in veterinary injectables. Commonly used for promoting weight gain in animals(7), studies indicate combining anabolic steroids with female sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone) promote better weight gain that either alone(8)this especially holds true to when female sex hormones are stacked with the non-aromatizing nandrolone derivative trenbolone(9). MAD estrogenic properties would make it useful in this regard, this is the REAL reason MAD is added to other anabolic veterinary preparations, not because it sensitizes the A.R. Most of the profiles on methandriol says it gives "massive strength gains", however looking at the evidence it would seem the only "massive strength gains" from MAD could stem from the increased amount of water retention inside the muscles which would result in a rebound effect when the muscles are compressed during the lowering of a weight, similar to the action of a benching shirt. Believe or not estrogen is a muscle building hormone as well, causing growth by attaching to the estrogen receptor on muscles (10) these are minor benefits however and are not worth the potential adverse sides. A common trait from using MAD is elevated blood pressure (11) this could be from the water retention due to high estrogenic activity or other actions in the body (11) There is no evidence that methandriol negatively effects cholesterol so your cardio vascular heath would be the least of your worries if you chose to use methandriol.

Right, now that we know the properties of this drug, we can design cycles to take advantage of MAD. Dosages for MAD range from 30mg to 50mg per day, taken orally or by injection. Being a water based suspension the active life of the drug would be measured in hours thus methandriol must be injected at least everyday to keep steady blood levels of the active hormone, if you are to ever come across this drug in its water based form and did not want to inject it dont worry, remember its a 17AA compound so yes, YOU CAN DRINK METHANDRIOL. The same thing applies to the drug (oral administration) in tab from if you were to ever find it. Being a 17AA steroid it puts some strain on the liver when orally consumed, members are advised to limit the drugs intake to several weeks. It is obvious that MAD is too weak to be used without stacking it with other steroids, and it is very common to find it included in various exotic steroid preparations. Keep in mind MAD itself has an estrogenic action so the appropriate precautions must be taken to combat this. Methandriol first must be stacked with testosterone, preferably a short ester one (see testosterone propionate). Testosterone will combat the libido lowering effects of MAD, as stated before estrogenic hormones like MAD seems to work best when combined with trenbolone so this would be the second anabolic of choice. Now you are going to need something to deal with methandriols estrogenic action, letrozole would be my first choice, it does not only block the aromatize enzyme, it reduces the concentrations of estrogen receptors as well (12), leaving MAD with less to bind to. Tamoxifen (novice) would also be a good addition to the letrozole, binding to what ever estrogen receptors are left. However, ancillary usage could negate many of methandriols benefits because they are seemingly are estrogen dependant!! Now the previously mentioned cycle looks like a cutting cycle, I did not design it to be one, its just that combining MAD with other highly aromatizing steroids or "bulking" drugs like dianabol, anadrol and long ester testosterones seems like asking for trouble. The level of water retention to follow would surely result in high blood pressure (not to mention the potential estrogenic side effects). I cannot recommend MAD be used with other bulking agents... In fact I do not recommend that methandriol be used at all!

Methandriol is a rare find in the hands of members. An obscure anabolic that is reported to have special properties it simply does not have. Highly estrogenic and barely anabolic it is extremely doubtful this steroid will ever catch on in the bodybuilding community.

Methandriol Profile

(Methylandrostenediol base)
    Formula: C20 H32 O2
    Molecular Weight: 304.4716
    Molecular Weight (base): 304.4716
    Molecular Weight (ester): nil
    Formula (base): C20 H32 O2
    Formula (ester): N/A
    Melting Point (base):
    Melting Point (ester): N/A
    Manufacturer: Various
    Effective Dose (Men):30-50mg orally (daily)/ 300-500mg injectable (weekly)
    Effective Dose (Women):
    Active life: 2-3 days
    Detection Time: 3 months
    Anabolic/Androgenic ratio: 30-60/20-60


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