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Furazobol, known by its trade name, Miotolan, is a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Until 1990 Miotolan was not detectable during any doping tests and could thus be taken by athletes even on the day of a competition. When looking at the application of Miotolan you learn even more unusual things: This steroid is used as a lipid reducer. It is suitable for long-term treatment of arteriosclerosis and hypercholesterolemia. Miotolan reduces the cholesterol level and increases the "good" HDL value. In Japan Miotolan is a standard treatment to lower cholesterol levels.

This steroid does not cause water and salt retention and does not aromatize. Since the tablets are effective for only a brief period of time they must be taken several times a day. Miotolan has a predominantly androgenic effect and only a very low repression of the body's own testosterone production. Although it is potentially hepatoxic a possible reduced liver function seems unlikely if the daily manufacturer-recommended dose of 2-6 mg is not exceeded. Since athletes use considerably higher dosages the risk of liver poisoning cannot be excluded. The usual question-What is a performance improving dosage? It is difficult to answer. It is difficult because we do not know anybody who has ever taken this compound and because technical literature does not have anything to report in this regard either. The daily dosage should be at least 10-20 tablets, that is 10-20 mg/day. Due to its low substance amount per tablet and its high cost, this steroid will probably not be successful with body-builders. (Possible doubts by readers that this steroid perhaps does not exist are inappropriate.) However, this steroid really does exist.


Substance:  furazabol
trade Names:  Steroid Profiles Cant Be Found
Miotolan 1 mg tab.; Daiichi Seiyaku Japan


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