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Oxantrione (Var 10)

*Not an Anabolic Steroid - This is a Popular Non Steroidal Anabolic Supplement

Oral Anabolic Profile

Oxantrione is known as one of the safest products on the market. It isnt quite as effective as most bodybuilders would like which makes it less popular. For those who are looking for a clean, safe product with solid results and an extremely low chance for side effects, this is the product for you! It is commonly used in mass cycles as it has a stronger anabolic effect than androgenic. Most users are happy with the results they get on this product. Its a perfect entry level product as well.


Hit it hard at 10mg 3 times per day right off the bat. Most users find this is a good dose throughout a 8-12 week cycle.

Side Effects:

Oxantrione has a very low rate of side effect. Only minor testosterone related sides have ever been reported on this product.


Oxantrione is a very safe buy compared to most drugs and supplements nowadays. Its not high on the knock off list among counterfeiters because its in lower demand than other products. Counterfeiters tend to focus on products with big names that are in high demand, this makes Oxantrione a very safe buy! Var, by Anabolic Research is the most popular Oxantrione product.

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