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Parabolan Doses

Parabolan doses can be a bit unique compared to other Trenbolone forms due to the steroid’s unique concentration. Parabolan, like many anabolic steroids, is found in an ampule that contains 76mg per 1ml to 1.5ml. This gives you 50mg of actual Trenbolone hormone per ampule. You will, however, find some underground lab versions of Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate available in 100mg/1ml strength, and in some cases, a higher milligram strength. Although the original Negma product is no longer available, you will find the Alpha Pharma version Parabolin to be dosed as the original, 76mg per 1.5ml ampule. With this in mind, let’s discover the right Parabolan doses to meet your needs.

Therapeutic Parabolan Doses:

While no longer a prescribed anabolic steroid, prior therapeutic Parabolan doses can give us an understanding of this steroid’s power and strength. This compound was highly successful in treating malnutrition. It was also used, in some cases, to treat osteoporosis and cachexia. In a therapeutic setting standard Parabolan doses were one ampule every ten days or three ampules per month. This is obviously a very low dose as it only gave the individual a total of 150mg of active Trenbolone per month, but it was enough to make a massive difference in the wellbeing of the patient.

Performance Parabolan Doses:

In a performance setting, standard Parabolan doses are 3-4 ampules per week giving the individual 150-200mg of active Trenbolone per week. This is enough to benefit a cutting or bulking cycle and will produce radical changes to the physique. Parabolan doses of this range are by far the most common. While common, higher Parabolan doses cannot be labeled uncommon. Parabolan doses of 5-6 ampules per week are attempted by many men and successfully. However, keep in mind the higher the dose the greater the risk. Many men will not need Parabolan doses that surpass 150-200mg per week.

Parabolan Doses – Duration of Use:

Regardless of where your Parabolan doses fall, 8-10 weeks of use is commonplace. This is a rather slow acting anabolic steroid due to the moderately large ester attached and anything less than eight weeks is generally considered too short. 8-10 weeks is an excellent range for most men, however, some may find they can tolerate and benefit with courses of use that surpass this time frame. Twelve weeks of use can be acceptable for some men, but if the overall Parabolan doses are high this can be a little harsh for some.

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