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Primobolan Doses

Primobolan doses can be difficult for some to plan. Many make the mistake of planning their Primobolan doses in a similar fashion to Primobolan Depot doses, the injectable version of Methenolone, and this is a mistake. It will take a lot more Primobolan than Primobolan Depot on a milligram basis in order to achieve the desired results, a whole lot more. Remember, as this is not a C17-alpha alkylated oral steroid, there can be absorption issues, which is part of the reason larger doses are needed.

Male Primobolan Doses:

In a therapeutic setting, standard male Primobolan doses will fall in the 100-150mg per day range. In a performance setting, standard Primobolan doses will often fall in the same 100-150mg per day range. However, this is one of the few anabolic steroids that is not uncommonly used at a dose that’s lower than therapeutic in performance circles. Many athletes find 50-75mg per day to be all they need when the compound is stacked with other steroids. Regardless of where the Primobolan doses fall, total use will normally last for eight weeks. This does not mean the total cycle’s duration is eight weeks, it may be but this merely represents the Primobolan portion of the cycle. If numerous anabolic steroids are being used, low Primobolan doses are often acceptable. Stacks that include significant amounts of Trenbolone and Masteron may benefit greatly from low Primobolan doses. Regardless, most men will find this to be a solid steroid for cutting and athletic performance, but a little weak for significant mass gains. It can be used in off-season plans but the total Primobolan doses will typically need to be very high to garner a reward. This can get expensive and is often inefficient as there are better choices to make.

Female Primobolan Doses:

Primobolan doses for females in a therapeutic setting can be a little confusing. There are no listed dosing standards. The compound has had a lot of success in female treatment plans, but no set standards exist. In a performance setting, standard female Primobolan doses will fall in the 25-50mg per day range. Most women can tolerate this dosing rage very well without virilization symptoms. However, if you have never used the steroid use should begin at and not exceed 25mg per day in order to determine how you respond. Many women will find this is all the Primobolan they need. Those who want a little more will often find keeping their dose the same while stacking it with a compound like Anavar to be the most effective means of enhancement. Regardless of where your Primobolan doses fall, total use will fall in the 4-6 week range and should not exceed the six week mark if virilization is to be avoided. Women who keep their Primobolan doses in the 25-50mg per day range will rarely have virilization issues. However, as we are all unique, even with such moderate doses some women may have an issue. Women who take their Primobolan doses above 50mg per day will increase the associated risk and the higher the dose goes the greater the risk becomes. Regardless of the cause, high dose use or due to a genetic response despite low doses, if virilization symptoms occur they will dissipate rapidly if use is discontinued at their onset. If symptoms occur and you ignore them, there is a good chance they may set up in a permanent way and become irreversible.

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