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Side Effects of Aromasin

The side effects of Aromasin are very similar to the more popular and common Aromatase Inhibitors (AI’s) Arimidex (Anastrozole) and Femara (Letrozole). Overall, this is a fairly well-tolerated AI for most men and women, but side effects of Aromasin most certainly exist. The majority of possible side effects will revolve around response, but the most concerning of all will revolve around cholesterol; however, it’s also an affect we can control. With proper use and a healthy lifestyle, baring a poor genetic response the side effects of Aromasin should not affect most people.

Common Side Effects of Aromasin:

The most common side effect of Aromasin is general weakness and fatigue; this can occur when estrogen is heavily suppressed. For the anabolic steroid user, this will normally not be a concern as his AI dose should be low, diet well-planned and the steroids themselves will enhance recovery and keep a weak feeling from prevailing. However, the exception to this rule could be for those implementing a harsh cutting cycle. In such cases, it’s often something the individual simply has to bear through. Beyond weakness and fatigue the most common side effects of Aromasin include:

  • Depression (rare)
  • Headaches
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hot Flashes
  • Joint Pain
  • Nausea (rare)
  • Vomiting (rare)

Important note – while these are the most common side effects of Aromasin, on the whole they are not that common. Most will not experience any of the above related issues with proper use.

Severe Side Effects of Aromasin:

Of the possible side effects of Aromasin, this AI’s ability to reduce bone mineral content could be the most concerning. A reduction in bone mineral content can make the individual more susceptible to osteoporosis; this could prove severely problematic with long-term use. However, anabolic steroid users will typically have no concern as most steroids have the ability to increase bone mineral content, some tremendously.

Cardiovascular Side Effects of Aromasin:

The cardiovascular side effects of Aromasin can include high blood pressure as mentioned above; however, baring an underlying issue, genetic predisposition or generally unhealthy lifestyle most should not have a problem. Then we have cholesterol, and this can be a little tricky for the anabolic steroid user. When used alone, such as in breast cancer treatment, Aromasin should not have a statistical negative effect on cholesterol. For the steroid user, steroids can have a negative impact on cholesterol, some more than others. Data has shown that when an AI is used with an aromatizing steroid like testosterone it can exasperate the negative effects on cholesterol. When testosterone is administered at a therapeutic dose, the effect on cholesterol should not be significant. When testosterone is administered in supraphysiological doses, it can have a small impact on HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) by reducing HDL levels. However, when an AI is used with therapeutic or supraphysiological doses of testosterone, data shows this may cause up to a 25% reduction in HDL cholesterol. Due to the possible cardiovascular side effects of Aromasin a healthy lifestyle will be imperative. Those who live a healthy lifestyle and possess no underlying conditions should not have a problem. In order to protect yourself from the cardiovascular side effects of Aromasin the following criteria should be met:

  • Diet should be rich in omega fatty acids
  • Daily fish oil supplementation
  • Strictly limit saturated fats
  • Strictly limit simple sugars
  • Daily cardiovascular activity
  • Avoid excess alcohol consumption
  • Avoid smoking
  • Supplement with a cholesterol antioxidant supplement

Those who follow these rules, supplement responsibly and possess no underlying issues should not have an issue with the cardiovascular side effects of Aromasin.

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