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Side Effects of Masteron

Masteron (Drostanolone) is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroid, and like many DHT based compounds the primary side effects of Masteron will be androgenic. Overall, this is not an extremely unfriendly anabolic steroid, but side effects of Masteron do exist and proper use is important. Genetics will play a large role, as it can with many steroid, but genetics will be a little more important here when looking at the androgenicity of this compound. However, with proper use many men can avoid the side effects of Masteron and enjoy all this hormone has to offer.

Estrogenic Side Effects of Masteron:

There are no estrogenic side effects of Masteron. This anabolic steroid does not aromatize and is not a progestin making gynecomastia and water retention impossible. In fact, the Drostanolone hormone has been shown to have fairly strong anti-estrogenic effect. It can actually protect the individual from negative estrogenic action caused by the use of aromatizing compounds. However, while anti-estrogenic, some men may still need an anti-estrogen when using Masteron depending on the layout of their total cycle as well as sensitivity to estrogenic related effects.

Androgenic Side Effects of Masteron:

The androgenic side effects of Masteron will be the most concerning for most men. The androgenic side effects of Masteron are not life threatening and are in no way dangerous, but they can be problematic. On its surface, Drostanolone is not highly androgenic carrying an androgenic rating of only 25-40. Because it’s androgenicity is fairly low, this tells us the individual should be less susceptible to androgenic side effects compared to testosterone. However, many men report strong to severe cases, which can include acne, hair loss and body hair growth. The androgenic side effects of Masteron, while possible, are highly dependent on genetics. If you are not predisposed to male pattern baldness you will not lose any hair. If you are predisposed, while you’re going to lose your hair no matter what you do the use of Drostanolone can speed it up. In fact, many men report extreme thinning of the hair with this steroid. The same can largely be said of acne. While the side effects of Masteron do include acne, it is generally only a concern for those genetically sensitive to acne. However, even those who are only moderately sensitive may find breakouts occur, especially on the chest, back and shoulders. Staying clean and dry at all times will protect you more so than anything else. Shower immediately after becoming sweaty, if a shower isn’t possible, change into a clean, dry shirt and shower as soon as you can. The androgenic side effects of Masteron can also include virilization in women. Women who supplement with low doses of this steroid can often do so without virilization symptoms, but again genetics and individual response will dictate the final outcome. Possible virilization symptoms include body hair growth, a deepening of the vocal chords and clitoral enlargement. If such symptoms begin to show and use is discontinued at their onset, they will fade away rapidly and no damage will be done. If symptoms begin to show and are ignored and use continues, you may find the symptoms become irreversible.

Cardiovascular Side Effects of Masteron:

The primary cardiovascular side effects of Masteron revolve around lipids. Drostanolone can significantly increase LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and significantly reduce HDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). The total impact on cholesterol should, however, be significantly less than most oral steroids, but significantly stronger than testosterone. If you have high cholesterol you should not supplement with this steroid. In order to protect yourself from the cardiovascular side effects of Masteron a healthy and cholesterol friendly lifestyle will be very important. Regular cardiovascular activity will do wonders. Some type of daily cardiovascular activity is recommended. The individual will also find his diet plays a strong role. Simple sugars and saturated fats should be limited and omega fatty acids should be a large part of the diet. Daily fish oil supplementation is advised. Some may also find the use of a cholesterol antioxidant supplement to be beneficial. Important note – the side effects of Masteron can also include high blood pressure. While possible, high blood pressure is unlikely in healthy adults who supplement responsibly, but it is a possibility. Those who suffer from high blood pressure should not supplement, and keeping an eye on your blood pressure is a good idea.

Testosterone Side Effects of Masteron:

The side effects of Masteron will always include natural testosterone suppression in all men who supplement. Due to natural suppression, in order to avoid a low testosterone condition all men are encouraged to include exogenous testosterone into their plan. This will ensure a low level state doesn’t occur as the exogenous testosterone will provide your body with all it needs. If you do not include exogenous testosterone, you will open yourself up to all the low testosterone symptoms. If you do not include exogenous testosterone, even if you get away without experiencing low testosterone symptoms (rare but possible) keep in mind such a condition is extremely unhealthy and stressful to the body. Once the use of Masteron and all anabolic steroids has come to an end, natural testosterone production will begin again. In order to facilitate a smooth and strong recovery, most men are encouraged to implement a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) program. A PCT program will often include the SERM’s Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) and the powerful peptide hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG).

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