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Spironolacton Comp

Spironolacton is also known as Aldactone. Please see the Aldactone profile for information.
trade Names:  Steroid Profiles Cant Be Found
Aldactazide 25, 15 mg tab.; SPA I
Aldactazide 25, 50 mg tab.; Searle U.S.
Aldactazine 25, 15 mg tab. I- Searle PT FR, B
Aldactazine 25, 15 mg tab.; Vianex GR
Aldactide 25, 25 mg tab.; Co-Flumactone GB
Aldactide 50, 50 mg tab.; Co-Flumactone GB
Aldactine 25, 15 mg tab.; Searle ES
Aldoleo 50, 50 mg tab.; Leo ES
Risicordin 50, 50 mg tab.; Heumann G
Risicordin mite 25, 25 mg tab.; Heumann G
Spironazide 25, 25 mg tab.; Schein U.S.
Spirono/Thiazide Generic (o.c.) ? Lederle U.S., Warner Chillcott U.S., Barr Labs U.S
Spirono/Thiazide Generic 25, 25 mg tab.; Mylan U.S., Geneva U.S.
Spironothiazid 50, 50 mg tab.; Henning Berlin G
Spironothiazid 100, 100 mg tab.; Henning Berlin G
Spironothiazide 25, 25 mg tab.; Mylan Pharm. U.S.
Spirozide 25, 25 mg tab.; Rugby U.S.

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