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The steroid encyclopedia, do you own a copy, have you gone to your local library and seen the vast steroid encyclopedia collection? No; maybe you’ve seen the commercials on TV touting the steroid encyclopedia collection or perhaps you’ve read a book review listed in the New York Times best seller list. OK, fine, you’ve never seen any of that and odds are you never will because there is no steroid encyclopedia collection; there isn’t a “World Book” dedicated to the topic at hand. What about all the books written by the host of “Experts” on the topic of anabolic steroids; many of these books are actually full of valuable information but by definition of an true encyclopedia we really can’t label any of these a full blown steroid encyclopedia.

The Living Steroid Encyclopedia:

All though there is not a full blown book or collection of books we can say with great accuracy that at one time a living breathing steroid encyclopedia did exist and it was in the form of the late Dan Duchaine. Further, we can safely say that if one coupled all his writings together from the series of books titled “Underground Steroid Handbook” to his newsletter “Dirty Dieting” as well as his magazine column “Ask the Guru” with these put together and it would be nice if a collection of all this material were put into accurate form we would then have a solid steroid encyclopedia. Duchaine was not only an authority on research regarding the topic but he took it a step further by making himself more or less the living breathing test subject of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

Duchaine would inevitably pay dearly for his research and involvement in the performance enhancing world; twice he would be charged, arrested and sentenced to prison for his involvement but this would appear to never phase this man’s desire for knowledge and understanding of the anabolic world; so much so that the anabolic using world owes much of what it knows to the late Duchaine. Unfortunately Duchaine’s life was short lived as this living breathing steroid encyclopedia lost his life in January of 2000 due to kidney failure at the age of 47. Upon his death it was determined Duchaine’s kidney failure was caused by hereditary polycystic kidney disease and with it the world lost one of the few who truly understood performance enhancing drugs.

their own performance enhancing drug use. With his endless research, his tireless personal trial and error there has never been and perhaps never will be again a living steroid encyclopedia.

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