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For many anabolic steroid use can be somewhat confusing; theres so much information it can be overwhelming and of all the things that can overwhelm simply knowing if your anabolic steroids are real or not only adds to the fire. This is where steroid pictures can come in handy; finding quality steroid pictures can help alleviate some of the concern. If you can find steroid pictures that represent what a particular product is supposed to look like youll find yourself a step ahead of the game.

Steroid Pictures: Amps:

When it comes to the legitimacy of anabolic steroids, steroids that come in an ampule form are often the easiest to spot in-terms of fakes. Each company that uses amps will almost always have a particular design and shape the amp comes in; many even etch the product information right into the glass making counterfeit versions all the more rare. This doesnt mean counterfeits dont exist but it puts the odds in your favor. If you can find high quality steroid pictures of the amps you want to use you may save yourself from a lot of disappointment.

Steroid Pictures: Orals/Tabs:

Oral steroids are perhaps the most commonly counterfeited and for good reason; its relatively easy to make a pill and call it whatever you want. Many companies use a particular stamp or seal they place on each tablet in order to give it validity and finding steroid pictures that reflect proper form will aide you greatly. However, even with the stamp or seal on the tablet there are those who will place a counterfeit stamp or seal on a tablet making counterfeits in the oral steroid world a higher probability than the injectable ampule form discussed above. Steroid pictures or not it is very important to know where your anabolic steroids are coming from.

Steroid Pictures: Vials:

Like ampules, vials refer to injectable anabolic steroids; where an ampule is normally a single dose or one shot a vile is simply a multi-dose container typically containing a minimum of 10cc or 10ml. There are viles that contain less or more but 10cc is standard. As with both ampules and tablets most brands will have a certain design on the bottle, normally laminated on the vile. It should go without saying, viles are very easy to fake and even if you have quality steroid pictures to compare them to often that is not enough to give assurance. Again, know where your products are coming from, this is the key.

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