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Teslac belongs to the group of sex hormones and from a biochemical perspective is a relative of the testosterones. Although this categorizes Teslac as an androgenic steroid, from a technical point of view it is neither an androgenic nor an anabolic steroid. Teslac is very similar to the structure of androgenic steroids but Teslac has only a very low androgenic and no anabolic effect. In school medicine this compound is used in the treatment of advanced mammary carcinomas in women. Before you discard Teslac as a completely useless drug and stop reading we want to tell you that Teslac does have his justified application in bodybuilding. Two reasons speak for an intake of Teslac: First, it is the most effective antiestrogen and second, it causes a distinct increase of the endogenic (body's own) testosterone production. Teslac is unique in its effectiveness as an antiestrogen. Like Proviron, it prevents the aromatizing process of the steroids from the basis. Thus, Teslac prevents almost completely the introduction of more estrogens into the blood and subsequent bonding with the estrogen receptors. Athletes who want to be absolutely certain combine Teslac with Proviron 50 mg/day and obtain a complete suppression of the estrogens. What makes Teslac different from Proviron, however, and so desirable is the characteristic that it can lead to an irreversible and permanent suppression of the estrogens in male athletes. Studies, in the meantime, have proven that Teslac makes male athletes resistant to an aromatization of steroids over a prolonged period. A water retention caused by the estrogens and gynecomastia is thus avoided in the long term. Another advantage of Teslac is that it directly influences the hypothalamus and upon its "signal" the hypophysis releases more gonadotropine, leading to a significant increase of the endogenic testosterone level. The strength of the testosterone stimulating effect of Teslac can be compared with the one of HCG (see also HCG). Unlike HCG which after only a few hours results in an elevated plasmatestosterone level, Teslac does require a longer initial period. Thus a regular intake over several days is a preliminary. Although we have initially mentioned that Teslac does not have an anabolic effect, based on the increased testosterone level, a gain in muscles and strength can occur. This could lead to androgenically linked side effects but they are very unlikely.

Side effects from Teslac are very rare. Since this compound, above all, was developed for women, it was extremely important to exclude the androgenic effect component as much as possible. This was successfully accomplished so that females very rarely experience masculinizing symptoms such as, for example, increased growth of body hair or deep voice. Possible side effects from Teslac are given on the package insert by the German manufacturer, Bristol Arzneimittel GmbH, for the remedy Fludestrin: "cutaneous eruptions (maculopapular erythema), high blood pressure, sensations such as itching and pricking (paresthesia), pain in the arms and legs and swelling, tongue infection, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting." These side effects, as already mentioned, are extremely rare. The plasma calcium level of athletes should, however, be checked since Teslac could lead to hypercalcemia (increased calcium level).

Perhaps the greatest negative side effect of Teslac is its high price. A package of fifty 50 mg tablets costs about $200 on the black market. Every single tablet thus costs $4. The recommended daily dose of 10-20 tablets that is 500-1000 mg/day! Usually 4-5 tablets daily (200-250 mg/day) are sufficient. However even such a dosage will discourage most athletes because of the high cost. An alternative would be to limit the intake of Teslac to two tablets per day and to supplement them with the similarly effective Proviron (50 mg/ day).

Substance:  Testolactone
trade Names:  Steroid Profiles Cant Be Found
Fludestrin 100 mg/ml; Bristol G
Fludestrin 50 mg/ml; Bristol G
Teslac 50 mg tab.; Squibb B, NL; Squibb Mark U.S.; Mead Johnson U.S.

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