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Alanine is a building block of protein that helps to minimize muscle tissue breakdown and helps to ensure that our cells get the energy they need for resistance and endurance exercise.

Alanine has many benefits for any athlete looking to increase muscle size, strength, and obtain faster muscle recovery.

Alanine also helps the immune system. Under normal conditions, when your body is under stress, it is hard to fight off infections, but when taking Alanine, your body can fight those infections much better. It does this by stimulating the production of white blood cells. (Infection fighting cells) The use of Alanine can also help to control stress.

Alanine should be taken at 2 grams a day right after exercise on an empty stomach.

You can buy Alanine by itself or you can obtain it through red meat, oats, wheat germ and yogurt.

Taking the amino acid L-glutamine may also enhance the effectiveness of Alanine.


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