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French Soccer Player Samir Nasri Suspended 18 Months for IV Vitamin Infusion from Drip Doctors

Samir Nasri, a French professional soccer player who is currently an unsigned free agent, has been suspended for an anti-doping rules violation arising from a visit to a Los Angeles medical clinic called Drip Doctors. Nasri learned that athletes can be suspended for receiving certain prohibited medical procedures, such as intravenous infusions, and not just from the use of banned anabolic steroids.

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Colombian Track Cycling World Champion Fabian Puerta Tested Positive for Equipoise

Fabin Puerta Zapata, a Colombian professional track cyclist who specializes in the Keirin event, has tested positive for the anabolic steroid boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise). The International Cycling Union announced that Puerta has been provisionally suspended for a potential anti-doping rules violation (ADRV) on August 14, 2018.

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Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act Would Criminalize Steroid Use in International Competitions

The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) has urged United States lawmakers to pass the Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act. The bill would criminalize doping at international competitions involving three or more countries.

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Two Clevedon Rugby Players on Trenbolone and Masteron Steroid Stack Were Banned for Four Years

Two rugby players with the Clevedon Rugby Football Club (Clevedon RFC) have been suspended for four years after testing positive for anabolic steroids. Dean Ashfield and Mike Lowis both failed anti-doping controls administered after a rugby game earlier this year.

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World Champion Mia St John Admits Using Anabolic Steroids Throughout Her Boxing Career

Mia St. John, a retired professional boxer who claimed world champion titles in the WBC super welterweight and IBA lightweight divisions, made an unexpected admission regarding her use of anabolic steroids during her career.

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Nippon Professional Baseball League Suspends 310-Pound Player Japhet Amador for Doping

The Nippon Professional Baseball Organization (NPB), also known in Japan as Puro Yaky, made a very rare announcement on August 9, 2018. It announced the suspension of a baseball player for an anti-doping violation. It was the first anti-doping violation in the past 7 years and only the 5th violation in the past decade.

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Texas Coaches Certification Program Requires That Football Coaches Complete Steroid Education Classes

The mandatory education requirements for high school football coaches in Texas include subjects such as safety training, ethics and sportsmanship in addition to the fundamentals of coaching. But of particular interest is the requirement that coaches successfully complete courses in anabolic steroid and performance-enhancing drug (PED) education.

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WADA Suspends Stockholm Laboratory for Sloppy Work on Steroid Testing

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has partially suspended the accreditation of the Doping Control Laboratory at the Karolinska University Hospital (Stockholm Laboratory) for doing sloppy work on a procedure used to test athletes for anabolic steroids. The Stockholm laboratory will immediately be prohibited from examining athlete urine samples for the presence of anabolic steroids until further notice.

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New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners Revokes License of Kevin Custis for Prescribing Steroids to Bodybuilders

Kevin Custis admitted to prescribing large dosages of anabolic steroids to bodybuilders for non-therapeutic purposes. Custis is permanently prohibited from managing, overseeing, supervising, or influencing the practice of medicine or provision of healthcare activities in the State of Jersey.

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Sports Agent Robert Wagner Faces Disciplinary Action for Supplying Steroids and hGH to Elite Athletes

Robert Wagner, an Austrian sports agent who offered to supply anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (hGH) to an undercover journalist with The Telegraph (UK), faces disciplinary action following a lengthy investigation by the International Association of Athletics Athletic Integrity Unit (AIU).

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