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Mark Wahlberg Denies Steroid Use Accusations Made by Wellness Fitness and Nutrition Owner Richard Rodriguez

Mark Wahlberg, the popular Hollywood actor and Academy Award nominated producer, has rejected recent claims of steroid use by the owner of an underground domestic laboratory operation that masqueraded as a legitimate health clinic with FDA-registered laboratory production facilities. Wahlberg responded by claiming that he was all-natural when asked by TMZ.

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WWE Roman Reigns Denies Purchasing Steroids from Wellness Fitness Nutrition

Roman Reigns (real name: Leati Joseph Joe Anoai) has categorically rejected the allegations of steroid use made by former Wellness Fitness Nutrition CEO Richard Rodriguez. Rodriguez told filmmaker Jon Bravo that Reigns would regularly call him up to order steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). But Reigns denies even knowing Rodriguez.

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UFC Legend Anderson Silva Says Only Stupid People Get Caught Intentionally Using Steroids and He is Not Stupid

Anderson The Spider Silva, the former UFC middleweight champion and all-around MMA badass, says that only stupid people get caught intentionally using anabolic steroids. And Silva wants everyone to know that he is not stupid.

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Bodybuilder Freddie Dibben Who Allegedly Died from Taking Anabolic Steroids Was Really Only Using Clenbuterol

The news stories about the death of Freddie Dibben repeatedly asserted that the bodybuilder died after taking anabolic steroids in both the article title and the article text. Even the coroner seemed to suggest that steroids were responsible. The truth is that Dibben was only found to be taking clenbuterol. In case you didnt know, clenbuterol is NOT a steroid.

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The Dangerous Steroid Used by the London Bridge Terrorists Was Really Just a DHEA Supplement

The three men involved in the copycat London Bridge terrorist attack allegedly used large quantities of steroids immediately prior to the tragic event on June 3, 2018. But it turned out that the men were really all using an over-the-counter dietary supplement containing dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

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Edmonton Police Detective Greg Lewis Convicted of Steroid Trafficking

Detective Greg Lewis, a 10-year member of the Edmonton Police Service, has been convicted after of steroid trafficking between the years of 2007 and 2013. Lewis was found guilty of regularly providing steroids to a limited number of colleagues in law enforcement. He was not involved in a large-scale commercial operation.

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UFC Legend Anderson Silva Promises UFC Return In Spite of Second Anti-Doping Rules Violation Looming

Anderson The Spider Silva is legendary. He held the UFC middleweight title for almost seven years to set the record as the longest UFC title reign. Unfortunately, Silvas legacy was tarnished towards the end of his career with multiple drug tests for anabolic steroids and other drugs. Silva has promised his fans that he will return to the UFC in spite of a likely lengthy anti-doping suspension looming on the horizon.

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US Drug Czar Deputy Chief of Staff was Director of Production for Supplement Company That Illegally Manufactured Superdrol

Taylor Weyeneth is the Deputy Chief of Staff for United States Drug Czar. The Washington Post recently published an article questioning Weyeneths qualifications. Apparently, Weyeneths experience with illegal drugs is limited to working for a supplement company that illegally imported, manufactured and distributed designer anabolic steroids.

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Heavyweight Boxer Anthony Joshua is the "King of Steroids" Says Opponent Joseph Parker

Joseph Parker, the undefeated New Zealand boxer and WBO heavyweight champion, was recently called the king of pies by British talk show radio host Graham Norton. Parker responded by pointing out that if he was the king of pies then his rival Anthony Joshua was the king of steroids.

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Chicago Cubs Owner Says Sammy Sosa Can Return to Organization - But Only If He Admits Using Steroids

Sammy Sosa, the former MLB right fielder who played most of his career with the Chicago Cubs, has long wanted to return to the Cubs organization in some capacity following his retirement from baseball. The Cubs back office has been less than receptive to the overtures due to the suspicions of steroid use that clouded the latter part of Sosas baseball career. But that might be changing.

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