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Anti-Doping Authorities Crack Down on Professional Cyclists at the 2018 Volta a Portugal

Dozens of professional cyclists at the 2018 Volta a Portugal were targeted to provide blood and urine samples in an unprecedented mega-operation carried out by anti-doping authorities on August 4, 2018. The drug tests were obtained during a surprise and unannounced raid of the team hotels by doping control officers.

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Msunduzi Athletics Stadium Organizers Criticized for Paying Former Steroid User Justin Gatlin for Guest Appearance

The grand opening of the Msunduzi Athletics Stadium in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa is scheduled for August 25, 2018. The organizers have paid American track star Justin Gatlin to make a guest appearance. Local politicians have criticized the decision to pay so much money to an athlete who had been suspended twice for using PEDs.

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Florida Judge Rules That "Roid Rage" is a Legitimate Defense Strategy for Murder

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Samantha Ward ruled that accused murder defendant Keith Dukes could use roid rage as a defense strategy for murder. Dukes savagely murdered his wife Michelle Dukes in front of their three children in April 2015. Dukes wants a jury to believe that anabolic steroids made him do it.

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Hamden Police Officer Timothy McKeon Suspended for 30 Days for Buying Steroids and Protecting His Steroid Dealer

Timothy McKeon, a police officer with the Hamden Police Department (HPD) in Connecticut, was suspended for 30 days after an internal affairs investigation revealed that he was a long-time steroid user who protected his steroid dealer for several years.

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XP Labs Branded Steroids Seized Along with Handguns and Assault Weapons

XP Labs may not have done big business selling anabolic steroids via the Internet but local steroid sales were enough to attract the attention of local law enforcement. Police arrested a California man who got caught with significant quantities of XP Labs branded steroids in his possession.

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British Javelin Thrower Joanna Blair Suspended Four Years for Dianabol

British javelin champion Joanna Blair has been suspended for a four year period of ineligibility after testing positive for metabolites of Dianabol (methandienone). A three-member anti-doping panel dismissed Blairs appeal on July 30, 2018.

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Mexican Triathlete David Mendoza Caught Using Endurobol (GW501516)

David Mendoza Sanchez, a Mexican professional triathlete ranked 132nd in the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Rankings, has been caught using the metabolic modulator GW501516 during an in-competition anti-doping control carried out at the 2018 ITU World Triathlon Series in Bermuda.

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Oregon Bodybuilder Goes Crazy and Police Blame Steroids and Roid Rage

An Oregon bodybuilder experienced some sort of psychological breakdown last weekend and police were quick to blame anabolic steroids and roid rage for his bizarre behavior. The 45-year old man was arrested after he was seen ranting, intimidating and threatening individuals outside a bank and at a commercial gym.

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Buffalo Bills Running Back LeSean McCoy Accused of Using Steroids and Hiring Men to Beat His Girlfriend

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy has been accused of using anabolic steroids and hiring men to physically assault his former girlfriend during a carefully orchestrated home invasion and robbery. The accusations first surfaced on Instagram in messages posted by friends of his girlfriend Delicia Cordon.

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Tokkyo Nutrition Settles Civil Lawsuit Involving Alleged Sale of Steroid Dymethazine

Tokkyo Nutrition has reportedly settled a civil lawsuit that accused the company and its principals of distributing the anabolic steroid dymethazine (DMZ) in its dietary supplements. The settlement was made out of court and the terms were not made public.

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