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Serena Williams Complains About Discrimination in Steroid Testing

Serena Williams, the greatest tennis player in the history of the sport, has accused the WTA and USADA of discrimination in its administration of the Tennis Anti-Doping Program. This summer, Williams has been particularly outspoken about the perceived excessive testing.

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UK Anti-Doping Gets to Play Policeman During Steroid Raid Near Peterborough

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) relished the opportunity to play policeman during the execution of a search warrant on a residential address and associated warehouse near Peterborough on June 29, 2018. The police raid resulted in the seizure of over 30,000 worth of anabolic steroids and the equivalent of 10,000 in various currencies including Great British pounds, United States dollars and euros.

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Kirkby's Gym Owner Goes to Prison for Involvement with Steroid UGL Operation Based in Wales

Chris Kirkby was able to fulfill his long-time dream of opening his own gym in the spring of 2017. But his illegal activities in the years prior to the grand opening of the Kirkby's Gym have forced him to relinquish control of the company. It would have been difficult for him to run the fitness company from prison anyway.

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British Medical Journal Case Report of 60-Year Old Bodybuilder with Non-Ischemic Cardiomyopathy

The BMJ Case Reports journal recently published the case study of a 60-year old anabolic steroid-using bodybuilder who was diagnosed with non-ischemic cardiomyopathy on July 23, 2018. The man admitted using relatively high-dosages of testosterone as well as illegal stem cell injections from his personal trainer. The doctors seemed to focus exclusively on the steroids while completely ignoring the significance of stem cell injections.

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Routine Traffic Stop Involving Long Island Bodybuilder Leads to Arrest of Local Steroid Dealer

A routine traffic stop involving a Long Island bodybuilder somehow resulted in the arrest of a local steroid dealer. The bodybuilder and his steroid dealer were arrested and charged on June 28th and June 29th, respectively.

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Alex Rodriguez Now Says He Screwed Up and Acted Like an Idiot by Using Steroids

Alex Rodriguez, the retired professional baseball player who admitted using anabolic steroids, GH and peptides during several of his 22 seasons as a MLB player, now thinks he acted like an idiot by trying to get away with using anabolic steroids.

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EFC Africa Bantamweight Demarte Pena Suspended for Four Years After Testing Positive for Steroids

Demarte The Wolf Pena has been suspended for four years after testing positive for anabolic steroids. Pena originally received a reprimand by the local governing body but was suspended after WADA appealed the ruling to the CAS

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UFC Middleweight Paulo Costa Accused of Using Steroids by Pro Surf Legend Kelly Slater

Pro surf legend Kelly Slater was recently spotted commenting on an official UFC Instagram post about Costa. Slater essentially accused Costa of using anabolic steroids.

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Former Cage Fighter Tortures Fiancee for 14 Hours, She Blames Steroids

Susan Lavelle was held captive and brutally assaulted by her jealous fiance David Bolton for a 14-hour period that began on Christmas Day 2016. Rather than admit she was engaged to an insecure asshole, Lavelle has recently come forward to blame anabolic steroids for her former fiance's violent behavior.

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Several Top Regional Crossfit Female Athletes Busted Using Steroids and PEDs

If you thought all of the amazing performances and physiques from top women CrossFitters were too good to be natural then you were right. Several top-ranked CrossFit female athletes has tested positive for anabolic steroids and/or other PEDs according to a statement released by the CrossFit Games on July 16, 2018.

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