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Delivery Van Driver Smuggled Steroids into Mountjoy Prison in Dublin

Anabolic steroids were among the contraband smuggled into Dublins Mountjoy Prison(aka The Joy) by a delivery van driver. Prison officials eventually became suspicious and a search of the van uncovered significant quantities of steroids along with several mobile phones.

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Intercepted Pill Press Machine Leads Australian Customs to Clandestine Steroid Underground Laboratory

The chances that a private individual who orders an industrial pill press machine is manufacturing some type of illegal drug is very high. So it should come as no surprise for customs to take a closer look when they discover such equipment entering the country.

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UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier Wants to Fight Brock Lesnar Only If He Doesn't Use Steroids

Daniel "DC" Cormier wants to fight World Wrestling Entertainment Universal Champion Brock Lesnar under one condition. Lesnar can not test positive for the use of any substance prohibited under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy.

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Irish Bodybuilder Blames Steroids and Roid Rage for Sucker Punch

Daryl Coyle, an Irish bodybuilder from Dublin, "sucker punched" a man during a dispute in the city center on October 16, 2015. Coyle blamed anabolic steroids for causing the "roid rage" and aggression that prompted the attack.

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UFC Middleweight Paulo Costa Accused of Steroid Use by UFC 226 Opponent Uriah Hall

UFC middleweight Paulo Costa has frequently been accused of using anabolic steroids based on his physical appearance. So he really was not surprised that his latest opponent, Uriah Hall, would revive such allegations.

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Convicted Steroid Supplier in Wales Goes to Jail After Violating Terms of Suspended Sentence

Gareth John, a convicted anabolic steroid supplier in Wales, has been sent to jail after violating the conditions of a suspended sentence. The incarceration comes after John repeatedly harassed his landlord with threats of violence over a period of two months.

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Ireland Coroner Investigation Blames Winstrol for Fatal Brain Swelling

Luke OBrien May tragically died from severe brain swelling at the age of 17 on June 18, 2018. Medical experts were clueless about what could have caused the brain trauma until an autopsy found low levels of stanozolol in his body. A convenient culprit was found.

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Bellator Middleweight Champion Gegard Mousasi Accuses Lyoto Machida of Using Anabolic Steroids

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida jumped ship and left the UFC promotion to join Bellator on June 26, 2018. Current Bellator middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi skipped the warm welcomes and quickly accused Machida of using anabolic steroids.

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UFC Middleweight Robert Whittaker Implied Yoel Romero Was On Steroids at UFC 225

Robert The Reaper Whittaker, a mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) promotion, won a controversial split-decision over Yoel Soldier of God Romero at UFC 225 in Chicago on June 9, 2018. But Whittaker could not just accept a gracious victory. Instead, Whittaker took the opportunity to imply that his opponent was using anabolic steroids.

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Florida Man Arrested on His Way Home From Jail After Police Found Steroids in His Car

If you think youre having a bad day, just be thankful that you are not James Lanzaro. The 26-year old Florida bodybuilder was just released from jail and on his way home when police arrested him once again on anabolic steroid possession charges.

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