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Chromium is an essential trace mineral required for insulin production to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Chromium Picolinate, one of the best sources of Chromium, will:

  • Help keep your blood sugar level balanced
  • Help keep you from snacking through out the day.
  • Increase Energy levels
  • Burn fat easier
  • Build muscle easier

Chromium Picolinate works by assisting the body in metabolizing fats and carbohydrates while helping to maintain proper insulin levels. Research also shows that Chromium Picolinate may increase one’s life span!

People who experience the best results from using Chromium Picolinate are those who have diabetes, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, and obesity. These people are more chromium deficient than others, but research shows that most of the people in the US could use more chromium in there diets.

By consuming the recommended amount of Chromium Picolinate each day (50 and 300 mcg) you can expect to have more energy and gain more lean muscle mass.

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