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CoQ10 is one of the most powerful antioxidants in our bodies and plays a huge role in energy production. It is so important that Web MD compares a cell without Coq10 to an engine without spark plugs. “Just as the spark plug provides an initial spark to start the engine, CoQ10 also jumpstarts energy production within cells. The body uses the generated energy to operate all of its vital processes, including muscle contraction and digestion.”

Coq10 has such awesome antioxidant properties and energy production capabilities that it may soon become an essential fat-soluble vitamin. People use CoQ10 for not only its powerful antioxidant properties, but also because it has shown great potential for faster healing and a healthier heart. It helps your heart by lowering your blood pressure and reducing resistance of blood flow to major organs.

The dosage for those who are suffering from heart problems typically use 300 mg daily divided by three and taken with meals. For the person who is trying to benefit from CoQ10 but does not have heart problems, they should take in around 60 mg three times daily with meals.

Some side effects of using too much will be upset stomach and diarrhea.

Although you can find CoQ10 in fish, whole grains, and organ meat, cooking will kill natural CoQ10.

Coq10 will not do much good for an individual who is trying to jump higher or lift more, but the other properties are very important to your health.

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