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Echinacea is a perennial herb that is known for its prickly scales on its dried seen head and is native to North America. It was used by American Indians years ago to treat snake bites, burns, and infections. Today there are at least 6 forms of Echinacea:
• Powdered
• Tincture
• Fluid Extract
• Freeze-Dried
• Dried Root as a Juice
• Dried Root as a Fluid Extract

These can all be used for the same purpose except for the topical cream, but the amount needed will vary for each form.

Echinacea is mainly used today to help fight off viruses and infections and can clear wastes and toxins from the body, which will help prevent illness. Taking Echinacea will also boost your immune function by stimulating your white blood cells to help ward off infections. If you are preparing for a competition or are in the middle of some intense training, you can become sick easier due to your body breaking down and repairing itself frequently, thus lowering your immunity. By taking Echinacea you can boost your immune system and help prevent illness.

You should use Echinacea three times daily when the signs of cold or flu are first seen. The recommended dosages are as follows:

Type Dosage Frequency
Powder (Encapsulated) 300 mg 3 Times a Day
Dried Root 1 to 2 grams 3 Times a Day
Freeze Dried Plant 325 – 650 mg 3 Times a Day
Juice 2 – 3 mL 3 Times a Day
Tincture 3 – 5 mL 3 Times a Day
Fluid Extract 1 – 2 mL 3 Times a Day

It is not a good idea to stay on Echinacea for more than three to four weeks without following up with one to two weeks off. After a long time period of staying on Echinacea without a break your body’s immune system will go back to normal, therefore making it non-effective. This one to two week break is essential to get the most out of Echinacea.

If you are allergic to plants in the sunflower or daisy family, are pregnant or nursing, have HIV or lupus, or are taking prescription drugs, you should not use Echinacea.

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