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(Trenbolone Acetate)

Finaject is a well-known anabolic steroid and one of the most popular brands of Trenbolone Acetate to ever exist. Finaject is a veterinarian grade anabolic steroid that was first produced by Hoechst-Roussel in order to increase cattle weight shortly before slaughter. During the 1960’s through the 1980’s it rapidly became one of the most sought after bodybuilding drugs of all time; in fact, the Trenbolone Acetate compound is still one of the most sought after. However, in the late 1980’s the brand Finaject was discontinued as was the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s other popular brand Finajet.

 Since the discontinuation of Finaject and Finajet numerous underground labs have used the names on their own Trenbolone Acetate products. If they can convince the buyer it’s true Finaject they can get a little more for it as that would make it Vet grade rather than underground grade. But all buyers should understand there is no actual Finaject or Finajet on the market and there hasn’t been in many decades.

When Hoechst-Roussel discontinued the original Fina lines they shortly after released a new product under the name Finaplix. Finaplix is a subcutaneous implant pellet, a quite large one that contains the Trenbolone Acetate compound. Numerous other veterinarian compounders also carry their own brand of subcutaneous Tren implant pellet. These pellets can be melted down, filtered and made into injectable Trenbolone Acetate. The availability for Trenbolone Acetate is not low, you can still easily obtain it, but understand the Finaject brand is no more.

Important Note: Many bodybuilders still refer to all Trenbolone Acetate as Finaject or Fina because the name had become so popular in the 70’s and 80’s. This is no different than many people still calling all Oxandrolone Anavar despite the brand Anavar not being manufactured since the 1990’s.

Important Note: Subcutaneous Trenbolone Acetate pellets sometimes contain nothing but pure Trenbolone Acetate, and sometimes they contain added estrogen.

Finaject Functions & Traits

Finaject is an anabolic androgenic steroid comprised of the Trenbolone hormone attached to the short/small Acetate ester. This is a fast acting anabolic steroid that requires multiple injections per week in order to maintain stable blood levels. Like all Tren compounds, this is a 19-nortestosterone (19-nor) anabolic steroid. The 19-nor classification puts this steroid in the same category as Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin, NPP, Laurabolin, Durabolin); in fact, Trenbolone is simply an altered Nandrolone hormone. Nandrolone exist by removing the carbon atom from the testosterone hormone at the 19th position. Trenbolone exist by taking the Nandrolone hormone and adding a double bond at carbon positions 9 and 11.

The double bond at Trenbolone’s 9th and 11th carbon make the hormone far more androgenic than Nandrolone, dramatically increases its binding affinity to the androgen receptor and prevents the hormone from aromatizing. Aromatization refers to the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which exist by the aromatase enzyme metabolizing the testosterone hormone.

Finaject carries numerous traits that make it a very valuable anabolic steroid for the performance enhancing athlete. Surprisingly to some despite this being a Vet grade steroid the Trenbolone hormone has held enormous success in the human pharmaceutical market at one time. Parabolan (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) was a human grade Tren compound that was used in medicine for more than thirty years. The only difference in Parabolan and Finaject was the ester that was attached, and this only affects the time release of the hormone. The ester attached to a hormone doesn’t affect the hormone’s actual functions and traits.

As a Trenbolone compound, Finaject carries the same functions and traits of all Trenbolone compounds, and while many steroids carry similar traits Tren does so at a greater rate of power. The functions and traits of Finaject of interest include:

  • Increase Red Blood Cell Count
  • Increase Nitrogen Retention in the Muscles
  • Increase the Rate of Protein Synthesis
  • Decrease Glucocorticoid Hormones in the Body
  • Increase IGF-1 Production
  • Increase Feed Efficiency (Nutrient Efficiency)

Effects of Finaject

The effects of Finaject can be seen in cutting or bulking cycles or in cycles that are merely designed to enhance athletic performance. This is one of the more versatile anabolic steroids ever made. However, some individuals report that cardiovascular endurance is diminished when using Trenbolone. This isn’t something that holds true in all users; it appears to be genetic based. However, it may make athletic enhancement its least valuable effect since a loss of cardiovascular endurance could be devastating for a functional athlete. If we had to give the nod for it’s best use, cutting cycles would win out. Finaject can be used to pack on a lot of muscle in the off-season, and it can do wonders for strength. But this is also one of the best steroids for maintaining lean tissue when dieting, and almost unquestionably the single best steroid there is for conditioning. Nothing will make a physique look harder and more defined than Trenbolone.

Important Note (Bulking): Finaject may not add as much weight in terms of pounds as some steroids. This hormone does not aromatize – all weight gained will be lean tissue.

Important Note (Cutting): The conditioning effects of Finaject will only be noticeable in an already lean physique. The Trenbolone hormone will increase the body’s metabolic rate, which will help with fat loss if in a calorie deficit; however, Tren won’t make you lean, hard and cut on its own. You still have to do the work necessary even if using this or any anabolic steroid.

Side Effects of Finaject

There are numerous possible side effects of Finaject. Some steroid users will not be able to use the Tren hormone in any form as side effects can be problematic. Many if not most of the side effects of Finaject can easily be controlled with proper use. However, some of the side effects of Trenbolone are genetic based and even with proper use they can’t be avoided.

Important Note: If the individual has never used the Trenbolone hormone, Finaject (Trenbolone Acetate) is and should always be the first choice. If issues occur it can be discontinued and the side effects will dissipate in a matter of days. If one of the larger ester base versions are used the individual may have to deal with the negative effects for several weeks after discontinuation.

[1] Estrogenic:

Estrogenic side effects are unlikely with Finaject. This steroid does not aromatize making water retention impossible. Gynecomastia is also unlikely in most users, but it is possible. Tren is a progestin, and progesterone can activate the mammary tissue and spur gynecomastia in sensitive men. The use of an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) like Anastrozole (Arimidex) will protect from progestin induced gynecomastia if needed.

[2] Androgenic:

The androgenic side effects of Finaject can include body hair growth, hair loss and acne. Hair loss is only possible in men who are predisposed to male pattern baldness. This means the individual was going to lose his hair with or without Tren use, but the use of Tren may cause it to occur a little sooner than it would have otherwise. Acne is also possible but normally only problematic in acne sensitive men.

Important Note: The use of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors like Finasteride will not reduce androgenicity or protect against androgenic side effects of Finaject.

The androgenic side effects of Finaject can also include virilization in women. Virilization is almost impossible to avoid at some level with this steroid’s use. It is almost never recommended for female use. Remember, this steroid is highly androgenic, 5 times more androgenic than testosterone.

[3] Cardiovascular:

The side effects of Trenbolone can include those of a cardiovascular nature. This steroid will lower HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and increase LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in almost all users unless effort to control them is made. A healthy cholesterol friendly lifestyle is important. However, for some (not most but some) despite a cholesterol friendly lifestyle they may still have cholesterol issues with this steroid. High blood pressure can also be a concern for some men.

Important Note: If you have cholesterol or blood pressure issues you should not use this steroid.

[4] Testosterone: 

Finaject will suppress the production of natural testosterone in all men who use it. Men who use this steroid without exogenous testosterone will put their body into a low testosterone state. Genetics will not change this truth. There are no tricks that will change this truth; without exogenous testosterone you will have no testosterone in your body. Take exogenous testosterone (the type is irrelevant) and you’ll have no issue.

Once the use of Finaject has ended and all anabolic steroids have left the body natural testosterone production will begin again. Recovery of natural levels will take several months, for this reason Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is recommended. Even with a great PCT plan it will take several months to reach full and optimal natural production, but a solid PCT plan will improve recovery significantly. There is also a chance of no natural recovery despite PCT, and this can hold true with cycles that do or do not include Trenbolone, and it’s something all steroid users should be aware of.

Important Note: Natural testosterone recovery assumes no prior low level condition existed and that no damage was done to the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis (HPTA).

[5] Hepatotoxicity:

Finaject is not considered a liver toxic steroid. Some data has shown that liver enzyme values may increase with massive doses, doses that are above and beyond even what most irresponsible steroid users would ever use.

[6] Response Effects:

The side effects of Finaject may include response effects that are based on genetic response to the Trenbolone hormone. Adjusting and lowering the dose may be the solution, but in many cases it may mean Tren is not the right steroid for the individual. The response effects of Finaject can include insomnia, anxiety, rapid heart rate and night sweats. These effects may be mild to severe. Some individuals may experience one or two, some may experience all and just as many will experience none of them at all. There is no way to predict where the individual will fall.

Finaject Administration

Finaject is administered by intramuscular (IM) injection. It can be injected into any muscle on the body. Doses can range greatly with 50mg every other day being the lowest dose normally used with 100mg every other day being the most common dose. 100-150mg every other day is about all the Tren most steroid users will ever want or need. A total dosing that reaches 600-700mg per week is not uncommon, but understand the more you use the greater risk there is for side effects. Regardless of the dose Tren is typically used for 8-12 weeks.

Availability of Finaject

True Finaject is no longer available and hasn’t been since the 1980’s. You will find underground labs with products labeled Finaject, but it’s not the actual product. It may very well be true Trenbolone Acetate, but don’t pay more for the brand name when the brand itself is no longer.

Buy Finaject Online - Warning

You cannot buy Finaject online because the brand does not exist. You can buy Trenbolone Acetate online rather easily, but not the Finaject brand. If a lab calls their product Finaject, because this is a lie you may want to do even more homework on the lab to ensure their trustworthiness.

If you buy a steroid called Finaject online or any Tren hormone, if you live in the U.S. understand you are breaking the law. In the U.S. anabolic steroids are classified as Schedule III controlled substances. You must have a prescription for a steroid to legally obtain it in the U.S., and it cannot be prescribed on the basis of performance enhancement. It must also be an FDA approved anabolic steroid, and Trenbolone has never been FDA approved.

Because the steroid laws of the U.S. and other parts of the world can be so strict, if you’re looking for a legal and quality alternative we suggest you visit our site sponsors. Here you’ll find high quality anabolic products that are legal and require no prescription.

Finaject Reviews

Because Finaject is the first commercially available Trenbolone hormone it will always be associated with what is one of the most powerfully effective anabolic steroids of all time. There really is no anabolic steroid like Tren; in fact, it would be hard to combine 2-3 steroids that could provide the power and effects of Trenbolone. When it comes to Finaject itself there’s nothing special about it compared to other Trenbolone Acetate brands.

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