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Flax Seed oil

Flax Seed oil is derived solely from flax seeds and is nature’s most potent source of the Omega-3 essential fatty acids (see EFA’s). Flax seed oil, as well as all EFA’s are known as the “good fats”.

Flax seed oil is needed to:
• Metabolize Fats Properly to Increase Energy Production
• Regulate Cell Functions
• Heal Tissue and Injuries Faster

Some research shows that minor injuries such as bruises and sprains can heal up to 3 times faster when flax seed oil in your diet! Aside from that, athletes report that flax seed oil helps them recover faster and helps to decrease muscle soreness. Researchers think that it is because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that flax seed oil has.

Flax seed oil is usually found in a liquid form or in a capsule. Both forms are found to be just as effective, but the liquid form can be mixed in Meal Replacements, cereal, or yogurt and can even be put on Salads. The best way to use flax seed oil in your diet is consume either 3 Tablespoons daily of the liquid form or 3 /1,000mg capsules.

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