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GABA is formed from Glutamic acid, an amino acid found in our bodies and appears to cause our bodies to release dopamine in our brains. GABA was first thought to increase growth hormone levels in our bodies and promote fat loss due to the higher growth hormone levels. That thought has now been disproved by recent studies and research. GABA does seem to have a way of helping your mind and body relax, due to the release of dopamine, which can help the body to recover faster after exercise and help get a more restful nights sleep.

GABA should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime with a small amount of water. A dose of 500-1000mg should be ok, but doses of up to 3,000mg have been used with success.

If you experience anxiety, tingling in the hands or feet, or shortness of breath, you should try a smaller amount until you find a good dose that is right for you.


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